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IRON DEFECIENCY https://youtu.be/tyhJSmLL4bA

MAKE SOIL PH ACIDIC https://youtu.be/9Pch-ONf1e4
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बारिशो के बाद बौंगनविल्लीअ की केयर कैसे करे Maintaining Bouganvaille after Rainfall

after heavy rains my bougainvillea is not gowing, after rain my bougainvillea plant is dying, after rain my bouganvillea plant leaves are becoming black , after rain my bougainvillea plant has grown long leaves , after rain my bougainvillea plant leaves are turning yellow . These are problems faced after rain in our bougainvillea plant , so some steps are to be taken to care our bougainvillea plant when rainfall is stopped , which i have showed in this video

Yellow leaves on Gardenia, what to do

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