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Aeration or Dethatching which is better for your Yard? We talk about the differences between the 2 and when to use each to create a Gorgeous lawn and Yard! We show you how the plugs of a a core aeration machine loosen the soil and when dethatching or power raking is right for your lawn. Tons of yard and lawn care tips and techniques that you can do yourself. This is DIY lawn care! and The Landscape Business Pro Podcast- The Voice of the Landscaping and Construction Industry. Genadek Landscaping and Excavating GT Lawn Maintenance Linked In- Hit me up! Twitter: Facebook: Email: Dirt Monkey: Mike Michalowicz Profit First Podcast BJ Smith the Busy Marketer Podcast Aprille Janes Bolder Business Podcast Down the Garden Path Radio Program- Find the right Contractor Practical Tips In Finding And Hiring The Right Contractor Brian Burns- The 5 tenants of Sales Success Tom Reber StrongPrenuer Podcast Episodes of Landscape Business pro: John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire 037: John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneur on Fire! Jordan Harbinger The Art of Charm 033: Jordan Harbinger – The Art of Charm Brian Shain Top Notch Lawns 034: Brian Shain of Top Notch Lawns – Start Your Own Business Vanessa Van Edwards The Science of People 019: Vanessa Van Edwards – Body Language for Business Greg Chism Geek to Freek Fitness and Lawn Care 017: Geek to Freak – YouTube Monetization for the Average Guy Ryan Foudray Prescription landscape 016: Ryan Foudray – An Expert Guide: How to Start and Grow a Lawn Care Business Jonathan Pototschnik The Lawn Care Millionaire 023: Jonathan Pototschnik – The Lawn Care Millionaire Tom Ziglar […]

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  • Dennis Gonzalez 9 months ago

    This video is excellent and informative. In less than four minutes you brilliantly answered a question 15+ articles on the internet couldn't do. Well done.

  • Pat Rombach 9 months ago

    good video

  • Cheryl Mayers 9 months ago

    I can't find anyone who will do power raking in my area of Michigan. The companies I call say aeration is better but we NEED to have our lawn power raked because we've mulched for so many years the dead grass won't budge and the fertilizer won't work properly therefore we have too many weeds now!!!

  • andrew garand 9 months ago

    Great vid!  I need to aerate, dethatch and overseed. What is the proper order? I assume, dethatch, core plug then overseed…then fert, yes?  thanks!!

  • Ricky Ric 9 months ago

    Hey Stanley! Thank You for taking time out of your busy day to make this video! I'm your 3,220 th. like. I have a question for you. Do you recommend plug aeration prior to detaching or visa versa? I was thinking about detaching prior to core aeration so I don't end up pulling all of the plugs through the lawn until I saw your video. I like the idea of the plugs breaking down and settling back into the ground.
    However it may drive me crazy seeing all of the plugs laying around. So maybe I should do the core aeration first and detaching 2nd so it breaks up the plugs easier?
    Whats your take on this? I appreciate your recommendation for my question.

  • Robert Redding 9 months ago

    Good info video

  • Andrew Lee 9 months ago

    I recently bought a home and the yard is more often then soft which of these to would be the better bet to possibly fix the problem???

  • Paul Angus 9 months ago

    Should I use moss killer before aeration ? If so how soon before ?

  • Can you do both?

  • sniper1958 9 months ago

    Thanks for the video. I'm excited to work on my lawn and see how it comes out.

  • AJpopstar79 9 months ago

    I have to do both on my lawn. Which one should I do first? Aeration or Dethaching?

  • joe lambert 9 months ago

    If i plan on overseeding with a power overseeder, will that also dethatch the lawn?

  • Nathan Turner 9 months ago

    I've found that removing weed's in your lawn with a about six inch lockblade knife is a good way to get your grass to dominate it's growing bed & if the weed's are'nt removed that some weed's will try to take over the lawn. I found that once a weed begins to grow that it leaves small bare spot's in your lawn after it is removed. If you remove weed's about every week before you mow it can successfully help your lawn & kill enough of the weed's to gain control of the problem. Using a regular rutine of removing Weed's is good for your lawn. My warning about removing weed's this way is that it's physically tough. Removing weed's seem's to work well if you take out a percent of them at a time in a random pattern from the entire lawn each time you mow.

  • Al Irizarry 9 months ago

    how often should i aerate? i just dethatched, aerated, and seeded in the fall. and i want to seed again early spring

  • Tom's YardCare 9 months ago

    I currently do a combination service that is usually requested in the spring and occasionally in the fall. I dethatch, go over it with my bag mower at a lower setting making sure to pick up all the thatch, and then go over it with a spike style aerator. What are your thoughts on this approach?

  • Andrew Crooks 9 months ago
  • Cephus Jones 9 months ago

    I have never even heard of this. thanks for the education.

  • Eric Entenberg 9 months ago

    was looking at a toro stand on areator untill i saw your video about the aera avation i have an older vantrac might make the switch to aeraavation

  • daniel luther 9 months ago

    hey thanks

  • daniel luther 9 months ago

    i ve never done it before . never been ask to do it ethier . so i guess i wont do it . but if i did do when do you do it ?

  • RRJ Goalerz 9 months ago

    Nice video subcribed please sub me back