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Language: Norwegian Skill: Landscape Gardening Interviewee: Mr Lars H. Fragodt (Competitor) (Norway) Ms Catharina B. Edvardy (Competitor) (Norway) Mr Carl-Hendrik Gjelstad (Expert) (Norway) Imagery: Catharina hammering stones, technical draft of task, drilling, using a wheelbarrow, other Competitors, Expert explaining details, Lars taking stones out of a bag, a friend cheering. Landscape Gardeners plan, design and maintain outdoor spaces for residential and commercial buildings, parks, private gardens and public recreational areas. They make site surveys , prepare plans and drawings for contractors and supervise site work. They work with plants and often incorporate paved areas, walls and outdoor structures in their designs. Related PostsWSC2013 Landscape Gardening – SetupMarlene Llapur Waterfall & Landscape DesignLandmark – Landscape Gardening NottinghamLandscape Design Las Vegas – Health Benefits of Gardening and LandscapingPopular Landscape design & Gardening videosPopular Landscape design & Gardening videos

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  • Garden Sheds Devon 5 months ago

    I admire your effort on showing your garden landscape designs. I can say that you got a very well detailed plan. I am looking forward for your next video to see the result of your masterpiece. Goodluck and keep up the good work!