The wrought iron canopies are small canopies that we can find positioned above the doors of some buildings, or as canopies to put in the garden. Putting one of these canopies in the garden is an original way to have a place protected from the sun and atmospheric agents in the garden. So you can stay cool during the summer to relax in the company of friends. In addition to this, this type of shelters have a great aesthetic value. In fact they are very beautiful to look at and give the whole house a particularly elegant and suggestive aspect. This concept is especially valid for classic-style houses which, thanks to these canopies, acquire a very suggestive appearance. The feeling of value increases when the iron is finely decorated, in order to obtain particularly elaborate decorations.

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<p>  <img loading=In this type of shelter, wrought iron has two functions: one structural and one aesthetic. This means that the choice of the iron structure is the one that must be considered more carefully. Beyond personal aesthetic taste, it should be noted that the most beautiful canopies are those with more elaborate weaves and motifs. However, the economic aspect must also be taken into account, because these are structures almost always made in an artisanal way by a blacksmith. This means that the final price can become very expensive if we choose a complex model made by an expert blacksmith. The roofing part of the shelter can be made of Plexiglas, polycarbonate or glass or with tiles. Plexiglas and polycarbonate are two very resistant materials, the canopies made with this material are elegant and also suitable for buildings with a modern look.Also the canopies made of glass are very elegant, but we know well that it is not a very material Finally, canopies with a tiled roof are more suitable for homes with a classic or rustic style.

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A large shelter The wrought iron canopies they are intended for buildings of a certain value, and also for this reason they must be cleaned regularly. Because it makes no sense to buy a luxury accessory if we don’t have the time to do proper maintenance.Wrought iron is a material that can oxidize and deteriorate over time, to the point of rusting in the most extreme cases. This especially if it is an ancient shelter, or in the case of a modern shelter but not perfectly maintained.If the iron of the shelter is still in good condition, it is sufficient to clean the metal with a cloth or a brush. In such a way as to remove the poor, the dry leaves carried by the wind and any other dirt that can accumulate between the folds of the decoration.If there is rust it becomes necessary to use an antirust product. a hardware store in order to scale the most suitable product for our type of problem. This is because being handcrafted products, each shelter is different from the others and only the eye of an expert can help us choose the best product to address our problem.

A very simple shelter The construction of a canopy made of wrought iron to put in the garden is too complex to be done alone, but it must be done by a staff of specialized craftsmen.This means that it is not an economic accessory, but it is especially intended. to houses of a certain value. The cost of one iron canopy beaten economic, certainly exceeds 1000 euros, but the only way to get a precise idea of ​​the cost is to request a quote from a trusted locksmith. Alternatively, if we do not have large budgets at our disposal we can look for a used canopy offered for sale by some private individual. With a little luck we can also find an antique and valuable canopy for sale at a bargain price.


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