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A box of worm castings CHEAP! What can worm castings do? What can worm castings NOT do? A bad seed seller! Boxes of happiness! Send YOUR letter with your indoor gardening question to: VoodooGarden 2296 255th St. Exira, Iowa 50076 Subscribe for more helpful and fun episodes here and my outdoor gardening/farm programs Join me on my NEW Facebook page: All things are Possible in the VoodooGarden! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGarden Efficiency with Worm Castings & DIY Garden/Worm TowerWorm Composting Bin Update Gardening with Kids!Benefits of Red Worms (Red Wigglers) in Gardening Worm FarmingBest Vegetable to Grow for Indoor Gardening & More Organic Gardening Q&AIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingIndoor Gardening help for YOU!




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  • yes350yes 2 years ago

    I just wanted to add something about worm castings[ I grow my own]. I do a lot of cuttings overwinter inside for economical reasons. But always in the past at a certain point the cuttings would droop and I would add water of fert. or both and they perk back up. But since I started adding worm casting to the potting mix the cuttings never droop all winter. Also the ratio of castings to the mix only need be in the 15-20% range and every time you water they release to the plant some of the goodness they possess. You could add much more to the mix but that would be a waste of the "black gold". I also add about 4-5 cups of the WC to my roses in the spring and water in well and they soon perk up . One other thing I find with castings is it does not have an overnight effect, but 3-4 weeks later you will notice a difference.?

  • Rich ZA 2 years ago

    What he's not showing you is his Mary Jane growing somewhere.. Tripping?

  • DENISE CLUNEY 2 years ago

    can't wait to see what your chocolate plant if the flowers smell like chocolate I want to get some of them they sound deli shes?

  • DENISE CLUNEY 2 years ago

    why paint but put up pine my basement has pine and it makes me feel relax like I'm in a log cabin, your plants will look good with the wood back ground. beside paint give out toxin to the plants maybe you should ask the plants and see what is best for the room.?

  • Randy's Video Creations 2 years ago

    Walmart sells earthworm castings.?

  • chance kiki 2 years ago

    We're did. U get the worm castings ?

  • CreativityWithStamps 2 years ago

    this video was a nice one to watch.

  • Grandma Shannon 2 years ago

    hi Ray, I recognized the seller Robert from the label on your mangled seed package. All I can say is he has not improved any in several years. He advertises to have many exotic seeds, however out of the four or five different seeds I ordered I had a 0% germination and a serious waste of time and money?

  • Gingersweets1 2 years ago

    Ray, I would Luv 2 have Ur address so I can send U some seeds. I would Luv 2 see U grow Cherimoya tree & a persimmons tree. Not sure that they will grow there, but I see Ur like myself & Luv a great challenge. I am currently growing so Cherimoya trees & have a couple of Persimmons seeds. The persimmons seeds R very hard 2 come by due 2 the fact that there R no seeds in the commercially grown plants hardly anymore. If U ever come by lime seeds, could

  • Laura C 2 years ago

    I'm trying to find the youtube vido from facebook so i can post one word WORM and it's not working?

  • Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable 2 years ago

    I have said this before and ill say it again.

  • Trent John 2 years ago

    Ray I seen a person on YouTube grow a coconut palm tree from a coconut they bought from the store you should try it!?

  • Sarah Dickenson 2 years ago

    Have you ever made super worm tea? Adding the bat + sea bird guano plus some ash and stone dust really makes a great fertilizer. Organic too.?

  • Jaleel's garden surprise 2 years ago

    Grow another chocolate tree?

  • Larry Levy 2 years ago

    I agree, a barn red room would be overpowering and make the room feel small.

    The eBay guy should do a lot better. I always make sure to over pack anything shipped on eBay so that the buyer gets what they bought, the way I listed it. "Robert" was pretty easy to track down, there's only a few people selling Dwarf Papaya seeds.?

  • basic gardening 2 years ago

    Lol you painted it white. 🙂

    I wonder if the leaves taste like chocolate. 🙂

    Yeah it is a really sad story on the praxxus55712 channel. :'(?

  • Tim Robinson 2 years ago

    I hope Rascal and the kitten get along.?

  • Gary Card 2 years ago

    Ray, do you still have your Spanish lime plant? Can you please describe the power output (wattage) of your lighting setup, in terms of the wattage rating of each individual CFL light and the total wattage of all your lights combined? Do you see any 'legginess' in your plants? If you are able to successfully fruit a pineapple indoors with those lights, then I am sure that your lighting set up is perfectly adequate. You may find, though, that the addition of a few red spectrum CFL lights will help with flowering and successful fruit set of your fruit-bearing plants, such as your cacoa, robusta coffee, miracle fruit and Buddha hand citron. Have you considered buying some grafted dwarf citrus plants? Grafted citrus mean less wait before you get fruit compared to seed-grown citrus. If you like aromatic plants, try growing lemon eucalyptus, patchouli, bergamot orange (the citrus kind of bergamot), lemon grass, Ceylon cinnamon, clary sage, kaffir lime and tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia). They smell great, especially the lemon eucalyptus. Scratch 'n' sniff!?