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A high-tech facility in S. Korea is the world’s first indoor vertical farm to be built in a tunnel. It is seen as a key to developing sustainable agriculture. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr: Weibo: Related PostsWorlds First Solar Powered Indoor FarmVertical farm: Newark, New Jersey to house world’s largest indoor vertical farm by end of 2015AeroFarms: World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm Breaks Ground in Newark, NJWorld’s Biggest Indoor Vertical Farm Near NYC to Use 95% Less WaterWorld’s largest indoor vertical farm uses 95 percent less water and produces more foodWorld’s first robot FARM – replace humans with machines in its lettuce factories

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  • Ham Sarris 6 months ago

    Vertical farming is perfect for reliving China's food insecurity.

  • Sigmundy Freud 6 months ago

    if you like to eat chemical vegetables ! Hydrponic is PERFECT thanks GHE thanks Mosanto

  • JoesJamesJungg SeaCeeZees 6 months ago

    very expensive to invest but they sell less money whats the freak.

  • Deepak Sinha 6 months ago

    Zero Food value.
    South Korean IQ will now come back to Pakistan level.