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World Top 10 Coolest Places To Work 10. Human Healthy Vending -Human Healthy Vending is a cool innovative company looking to improve and help find easy healthy alternatives to typical quick snacks. The company has a bright, high energy office with cool sound proof rooms designed to look like telephone booths open to employees, and free healthy snacks and even a ping pong table. Employees are expected to work hard but have the freedom to follow through with their own ideas to improve the company. 9. Autodesk -Autodesk is the company behind the leading app Sketchbook, and professional 3D animation design. The company opened a unique office last year on San Francisco’s Pier 9. The showcase office is floating right on the Bay and has very unusual creative aspects like a swinging conference table that is named Scylla after the multiple headed sea monster in Greek mythology. 8.Edelman -Edelman is a leading Public Relations Firm that expands the relationships between companies and the people using social media and the latest technology. The headquarters are located in Chicago Illinois and offer unique modern designs. There is an open concept design and even the CEO has a cubicle like every other employee. The space has a high energy atmosphere with a creative flare. A day at the office is always different and inspiring. 7. Groupon -Groupon added color and a modern design to their offices in Chicago. Employees can take a seat in the tree trunk in an exotic forest themed space. There’s something surprising around every corner to inspire workers and keep them happy. The space has a carnival themed fun zone, complete with swings, a huge cat in a floating spaceship sculpture and a tiki hut. 6. Facebook -Facebook’s first office space was a single room above a Chinese restaurant […]

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  • Kovacs Kovacs 1 year ago

    Epic Systems Corporation is NOT the coolest place to work. It's awful there. The CEO Judy Faulkner spends wildly on "public access" costs, such as buildings, artwork, etc., but is incredibly frugal when it comes to employee compensation and general employee care.

    Specifically, I've worked here as a Project Manager, and this company's labor tactics are illegal. After my brain injury as an employee, my Team Lead (TL) handled the situation poorly and I ended up with a new TL. Although she was no longer my TL, she was still my project/customer's success liaison. She subsequently retaliated against me along with my Application Manager (AM) and others and started a false rumor that I was up to no good, which Epic's management subsequently believed, including but not limited to insubordination (for complaining about my treatment), FMLA abuse, insurance fraud, etc. Well, low and behold, Epic ended up firing me on her word all while I had no idea what was going on, and they discovered later on that they made a huge mistake and that my former TL was the problem (she no longer works at Epic, for obvious reasons). During that time, I experienced heavy bullying and passive aggressiveness from all staff members, they ruined my personal life, and they pulled strings to get the community to passive aggressively bully me and move away.

    Afterwards, I applied for hundreds of jobs with no interview. A few times during my job seeking period, Epic sent Epic consultant companies to send me emails to apply to them. What was that, a consolation or a way of them saying sorry? If anything that was an insult to me, asking me to work for Epic again after that terrible experience. They knew I would never want to work for Epic again after that, yet they sent those emails to me as if to show that they were actually "trying" to make amends. I've since been unemployed for about 3.5 years now, I've started two businesses and failed, my personal life is all but absent with a lost relationship, I live with my parents, and their bullying left me in severe depression for which I had to see a psychiatrist for and I am on daily medications for. It's a high gossip culture where they make up rumors about employees to "correct" their behavior. When they're wrong, they simply say short niceties and move on. In other words, don't believe what Epic says, what they say and say they will do, implied or directly, are only rumors. Don't give them any credit unless you see final results.

    To this day, they have not made any actual amends to make things right. They should have done everything they could to directly set me up with a 6 figure minimum career job that has nothing to do with Epic, but after making that absolutely clear, they didn't care to do so. Would that be too direct? Well, they fired me and harassed me pretty directly. Sounds like they should be more direct. Applying for jobs does nothing, especially after 3.5 years and exhaustive efforts to do so. They created this mess, they should be responsible for all the work. After the illegal treatment and actions they took against me, you'd think that they would make it all up to me, but they seem to only want to cover it up. Epic seems to come up with excuses such as to blame my meds and not my injury or some other reason, instead of accepting the plain and simple truth since Epic doesn't want to take responsibility. 3.5 years and counting of no salary/wages, failed businesses, lost personal relationship, and widening depression – this is what Epic does to its patient. Now, I have nothing to lose.

    Do not work for Epic. The stories you hear online about their illegal labor practices and treatment of employees are true. They have a very high turnover rate for this reason. The founder and CEO, Judy Faulkner, is not a good person. Don't hide behind your staff to do your bidding and tout "Do Good" as your motto, when it's all a facade.

  • Mark Dragon Burns 1 year ago

    im a christian but i aint perfect

  • EARNINGVISION 1 year ago

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  • Michael Miner 1 year ago

    Is that the young aretha in the corner?

  • robertantonvlogs 1 year ago

    Definitely a God-given gift. Love her and Fantasia!

  • Marcquise Mclemore 1 year ago

    I still love me some jennifer though

  • Marcquise Mclemore 1 year ago

    she dont dont sing this strong anymore

  • Lena Daries 1 year ago

    she can sing but she screams too much

  • Matheus Cardoso 1 year ago

    Those singing classes during and after American Idol did her good! #NOHATE

  • solojohnson15 1 year ago

    Makes me laugh how people say fantasia and jhud are not superstars if their not I don't kno who is then multiple awards movies Broadway and many other accolades to their names but not superstars lmbo!!!

  • solojohnson15 1 year ago

    She is indeed a superstar

  • solojohnson15 1 year ago

    Not a superstar sung for the president superbowl grammy winner Oscar winner movies Hollywood Walk of fame not a superstar wow what is one then!!!

  • solojohnson15 1 year ago

    Wow Jennifer amazing!!!

  • Marva2552 1 year ago

    3:56 WOW!!

  • JesusSaviour2Me 1 year ago


  • Trey Wright 1 year ago

    ♫♫ sang guhhhh

  • Brooke Parker 1 year ago

    Aight then!

  • CHARLES PAYNE 1 year ago

    Girl=rrlll!!!!!!!!!!! now thats the song… i tried him and i know him…

  • bakko343 1 year ago

    What rock are you living under? JH is a super star in the movie and music industry. This was just the beginning of her career; some 12 years later her voice is more polished and her range is unbelievable. Man, you gotta update your data!! LOL!

  • Dee Holmes 1 year ago

    She's singing gospel. What could be better. However, she is still, at this point, a diamond in the rough for the secular world. But for GOD, she can't miss!!

  • Kortland Whalum 1 year ago