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With the inauguration of World Green Roof Day on June 6th, Aramis and I think Chris Bridgman, you, and all your colleagues at GRO have created a wonderful way to not only acknowledge but celebrate our planet’s many different types of greenroofs! With our advancing global warming crisis, what better way to assist in the reclamation of the health of our Earth than by mitigating a building’s footprint via topping it off with a cooling greenroof of living, breathing, permeable plant material? Join us celebrating World Green Roof Day by posting your favorite greenroofs from across the world on your own favorite social media with #WRGD2020! If you need inspiration, you can check out our Projects Database, and like we always say, “Love the Earth, Plant a Roof (or Wall) but on June 6th we’re showcasing spectacular living roofs! The important message here is we need to continue creating resiliency in design, and keep it local to what is necessary in your area. Let’s ensure food security, public greenspaces, social equity, and biodiversity of flora, fauna & humans with greenroofs – One Planet Together! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSolTerra Shares 5 Ways Living Walls and Green Roof Systems Are Changing Your WorldXeroflor Time Lapse of XF301 Green Roof install June 3-5, 2013Ferrovial Services | Green roof on the Cibeles city hall buildingDenver's Green Roof Initiative – Paul Kriescher, Lightly Treading IncGrad Student Greg Holder Maintaining the IS Green RoofHow to Remediate a Green Roof /Vegetated Roof


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