Live broadcast – full version. This week we “introduce” nuno felt by looking at a variety of examples and ways you might incorporate this technique into your felt making. It is more of a show-n-share and talk looking at finished products, test samples, fabrics and some fibers to help give you ideas for how you might like to begin or to explore this tecnhique.

In two weeks, we will come back together for a tutorial felt-a-long to make your own nuno felt samples.

The Art House hosts many different workshops, and one of our favorite duos is the Wooly Pine women. Mary and Jackie have now created kits for a Wooly Pine Wreath, which are the perfect backdrop for your nests and sleepy critters. Here is a little tutorial of techniques to make them. For your Wooly Pine Wreath Kit and other wonderful wool visit
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WOOLY WEDNESDAY 04 17 2019 INTRO TO NUNO FELT Look See, Chit Chat, Plan

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  • S Perrins

    Hi Marie, you are a gem ! You know I look for soooooo many video tutorials and I always end up coming back to yours, because of your beautiful teaching style and love love your channel.. question. I'm fairly newish to wet and needle felting, on my fourth project, but want to start including silks, and different textures, are there any specific videos or tutorials that'll teach where I can start exactly? I'm also trawling through videos looking for large needle felted intricate pictures, and landscapes. Apart from Anna Repke are there any others you can guide me towards please? I'm so in love with felting and wish I'd known about it years ago! Look forward to hearing from you.. much love all the way from England UK xx

  • Krystyna Moore

    Hi Marie, would love to know the layout for the gorgeous cowl, Just spent an hour searching for it on Living Felt friends page though no luck. Thanks

  • Super Mum

    It looks like a lot of hard work, I would be inclined to go chop some greenery down to use its just a few days a year. That would gather so much dust, it is lovely. But too much faffing around

  • Cynthia Marston

    With the tapped stems like that a decent glue gun would work well for someone who wants to make some for sale and move faster.

  • Sylvia Jimenez

    Dear Sara I LOVE all your videos! Could you please give suggestions on how to adapt this wreath to a table top advent wreath that can hold 2 pillar candles? I would love to make a treasured advent wreath. THANK YOU

  • Nancy Colpitts

    What are the wire dimensions, I would buy the kit, but the exchange for the Canadian Dollar is 38% at the moment…yikes! I have all the supplies already from rug hooking…thanks so much!

  • Karen Fahrig

    Love the tree and wreath – would it be possible to make a garland? Using the same method for the wreath, what would be used for the garland base. Thank you.

  • Durinda Graver

    Do you make all short wires one color, and long wires another color? Or do you mix the colors on each length? Nestling some pine cones may be a cool addition. Darn it Sara, just when I think I have gifts figured out, you give me another fabulous craft!!! Love the warmth of this wreath. Thank you.

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