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Considering a garden on your fence instead of in the ground? Check out how horticulturist and director of the Charleston Parks Conservancy Jim Martin “diapers” some Woolly Pockets and turns a fence into a vertical garden. If you like this video, consider a donation to the Conservancy to support more projects like this. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWoolly Pockets Demonstration – vertical gardeningIn That an Herb in Your Pocket? (vertical gardening)Easy Vertical Gardening with Woolly PocketsWoolly Pocket – Vertical Gardening at Longacres!Detroit Vertical Garden with Woolly PocketsWoolly Pocket Gardening Containers

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  • Jardines “Kilimilpan” de Alimento 10 months ago

    I suspect that applies when you eat the thing that is in contact with the plastic, but in most vegetables you won't eat the roots.

  • bookmarkthis 10 months ago

    I've heard growing in plastics, even food grade plastics, especially when exposed to months of sunlight is not healthiest…

  • Larry Cole 10 months ago


  • Charleston Parks Conservancy 10 months ago

    @jmaprins, glad you like it! 

  • jmaprins 10 months ago

    informative and funny,…!!!

  • steven miles 10 months ago

    Great idea. My only concern is mildew or fungi attaching itself to the woolly material.