The wooden pots are a splendid piece of furniture for your garden, to be used in place of those in plastic, concrete, resin and stone. They are also, by their nature, perfect for the cultivation of plants and flowers.Wood, as is well known, harmonizes very well with the natural environments and with the plants that the pot built with this material is able to accommodate. beautiful, rich and precious your green space, whether it is located in the countryside or inside your apartment in the city or on the balcony or, why not, on the terrace, the choice of the wooden vase will certainly be a choice that will fully satisfy you Naturally, depending on the tastes that characterize each of us, there are those who prefer to surround themselves with resin, ceramic, terracotta, stone or even concrete vases. You want to harmonize a certain ornamental trend of your environment, or by simple combination, many find themselves having to face the choice of the type of vase to be placed in their green space. Yet, it is really likely that the choice of the wooden vase is the most appropriate due to the nature of this material: the wood grows in the green, produces the green, and therefore it cannot fail to harmonize with the green, with the colors of the flowers, with the brown tone of the earth. Enrich your garden or your apartment with wooden pots it will be really easy!
Wooden vases

wooden vaseIf your intent is to buy wooden vases to cultivate your precious plants and furnish your green space with these harmonious and natural containers, then it is appropriate to establish a priori the kind of cultivation you want to set up inside them. Making a mistake in the choice of pot would involve risks for the health of your plants as well as an extra difficulty for you green thumbs! Choosing the right size, the correct volume and the ideal width based on the plant you intend to grow will greatly facilitate yours, saving you time and effort, and will also greatly benefit your plant’s health. Would you like to live in a space that is not for you, which is against all your principles of growth and well-being? No? The same goes for plants.

Therefore, choose the vase with great care and sufficient attention according to the furniture and your aesthetic taste, but also according to your plant! She is the protagonist of your green space! Select carefully i wooden vases that meet the specific characteristics you need: wood is a natural material, and one of its main characteristics is a greater ability to retain liquids inside it; it is therefore necessary to isolate your wooden pot from the soil in the correct way, so that when you water the plant or the flowers, the water is not retained by the wood but only and exclusively by the soil, and then ends up in the roots! Simple! Place a piece of plastic of the right size between the growing soil and the internal base of the pot: this will prevent the wood from absorbing water instead of roots!

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wooden vasesAs anticipated, the right choice of the vase is a very important factor to save time, effort and money; and, of course, to benefit the health of the plant you green thumbs want to grow!

In the most common and widespread gardening, do-it-yourself and bricolage shops, you will find a vast assortment of wooden vases: on the market there are available for all tastes, in all shapes and colors, to best satisfy the tastes and customer needs. However, do not be enchanted by their beauty, perhaps thinking about how well that vase would look good in your garden! Remember that the protagonist of this story are the plants, and their health matters most of all for the success of your intent! Then carefully evaluate all the additional elements that go beyond decoration and ornamentation and that can potentially satisfy the needs details of the plant to be grown: drainage capacity (take a look at the bottom of the pot and see if there are typical drainage holes), wall insulation (good insulation of the walls from the outside will keep the temperature of the soil constant even in extreme climatic conditions), volume and capacity. You will also have the possibility to pleasantly combine your pot with wooden or metal grids, to be placed on the pot itself to facilitate, if necessary, the growth of a creeper. of the container, so as not to make mistakes and later on causing you annoying headaches!

Of course, based on where you intend to place yours wooden vase (green areas, gardens, vegetable gardens, apartments, balconies or terraces, public places etc.), you will have to buy a different pot.

In the main DIY, gardening and hobby shops it is possible to buy wooden pots available in different varieties and costs. As already mentioned, here you will find qualified personnel who will be able to indicate the price range you prefer, the characteristics and the ideal type of cultivation for each wooden pot. wooden vase comfortably seated at your desk, you can find them available on various online portals. With just a few clicks, you will have a wide range of models, colors and prices of wooden vases, for all tastes and budgets. You can choose it with peace of mind, pay and wait for the courier to deliver it directly to your home!

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