The wooden swing is a swing made entirely of this material. It is a natural material that offers a certain stability to the entire structure. Usually, compared to the plastic swing, it is much more bulky. For this reason, the market has presented alternatives for those with a rather small garden. Before being used for the construction of a swing, the wood is subjected to certain treatments that guarantee good durability over time. The structure made of wood undoubtedly has a considerable weight and is fixed directly into the ground because, remaining exposed to the elements even during the winter period, it must show a certain stability. Also in this case it is possible to choose it in the version with open or closed seat. Often it is preferred to have a swing that has one seat open and one closed in such a way as to face a single expense.

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seatThe main feature of this swing model is undoubtedly the use of the material, which is quite used in the garden furniture sector. Of course, compared to plastic, wood has different characteristics since, while plastic does not need any kind of maintenance over time, the wood, despite being treated, over the years may need to undergo some retouching. The main reason that sees so little use of the wooden swing for private gardens is above all the weight of the structure, in addition to the fact that it takes up more space. It is also true that wood is still the material par excellence that blends best with the natural environment. Precisely for this reason, the alternative of wood was created for the construction of swings, for those who wish to also have a play area made of this material.

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Those who have a particular skill in woodworking can also take care of the construction of a swing. Basically, the wooden swing can be made following the same shape as the classic swings: it is therefore necessary to create a rather solid structure to which to connect the seat. Of course, each element must be of adequate proportions, and the structure, at the time of use, must be safe. By making a small scheme to follow, the material needed for its construction is better indicated. It is also important to have free time to be able to devote to the construction of the swing. Ground fixing is another very important step. However, after a whole winter it is preferable to check its stability before using it. Alternatively, those wishing to make a model that requires less time and less effort, can choose a tree in their garden with rather sturdy branches and tie two fumes connected to a seat. The height of the swing must be appropriate to that of the child, otherwise he will not be able to swing.

The wooden swing certainly has higher costs than a plastic swing, but it is undeniable that the aesthetic aspect is certainly different. It is therefore a choice that belongs only to the customer, a matter of taste for which the customer relates the cost in proportion to the quality of the game. Wood also requires some maintenance over the years, so it is important that the customer is also willing to intervene with small adjustments.

The wooden swing can be composed of a single structure with a single seat or with two seats, substantially it is presented in the various models always with the same shape. The choice is therefore a completely personal matter that can often also be made in relation to the cost. The wood is left in its natural color, so it is also possible to see the veins. However, if the customer wants to renew it, he can always use a paint to make it more cheerful and lively. By going to a store specializing in games for children or garden games, you can see how vast the opportunity for choice is. In addition, the wooden swing is generally able to support a rather considerable weight and therefore it is a game that will accompany the child until he is grown up. In any case, it is important to always check that the price corresponds to the quality, and that it is a safe swing for the child’s own safety. Usually the transport and assembly are carried out directly by the shop that makes the sale, because the swing itself has a rather bulky structure.

Where to find wooden swings One of the main problems when buying a wooden swing is the fact that it is not easy to find, so you need to know where to look for it. Normally this type of product is found in children’s play stores or for outdoor furniture. It must be said that compared to models made of plastic, it is certainly a less requested item. If we really don’t find it in these shops, the ideal and most suitable solution is to contact a carpenter, with the possibility of requesting it tailor-made and having it customized according to your needs for space and tastes.

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