The wooden planter made entirely of wood, a natural material that, despite being treated properly, tends to deteriorate after several years. The continuous exposure to sunlight and rainwater causes the wood to lose its beauty over time and it will then be necessary to adopt a method to save the planter: empty it completely, clean it, use sandpaper and protective substances to the wood.

wooden planters

wooden planterThe wood is also chosen because it is a material that goes well with open spaces, and today, thanks to the new versions of planters, which have an internal plastic body, the problem of rainwater as well as that of water itself to irrigate the flowers, it shouldn’t exist. a model in which the earth absolutely does not come into contact with wood, because this plastic is interposed between it and the wood. Where plastic is not present, incorrect watering of the plant leads to rotting of the roots, if there are no holes for water drainage. This is another important point, because excess water damages not only the planter, if there is no plastic divider, but also the plant. This is why it is important to always check that there are holes from which excess water can escape. Some wooden planters also have a double bottom which serves to guarantee the plant an adequate water supply. Wood, as is well known, tends to rot, and therefore, even if treated properly, the wooden planter will sooner or later be unusable, always referring to the models without the plastic barrier. Despite this, it continues to be one of the most chosen models precisely because it is very fond of the concept of traditional garden where there is a strong use of wood.

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The wooden planter can be purchased in different sizes. Usually made up of several staves placed side by side. Generally there are two models of wooden planters, one higher and one lower, rectangular or square in shape. Choices in the basic model allow you to have only the container for the flowers, if also associated with a grid, also made of wood placed on the planter, they allow you to plant climbing plants, to create a pleasant dividing effect between one area and another. By placing several planters side by side, it is possible to create the perimeter of a specific space, which can always be modified if necessary because the planter can be easily transported.

Do-it-yourself realization: Those who do not wish to buy a ready-made planter can always decide to make it themselves: you have to buy the necessary wood and follow the construction scheme according to the established size. Unlike commercial planters, the private individual cannot insert a layer of plastic inside that acts as a divider between the wood and the earth, but will have to buy sheets of tar paper, which must be spread out perfectly. Tar will be the only way to waterproof the section between the wood and the ground.

The wood allows you to paint the structure of the planter in any color, even if in most cases left in its natural state. The choice of the wooden planter with feet also facilitates cleaning and avoids the stagnation of rainwater. When you decide to orient yourself on wooden planters, you need to know the space they will have to occupy, in order to have an indication of the size of the planter to choose. When the planter is no longer to be used, it must be carefully cleaned and only stored when it is perfectly dry, in a sheltered place. The wooden planters are also suitable for use on balconies and terraces, so if you decide not to keep it in the garden, it will certainly find accommodation in another corner of the house. Wood is essentially considered a neutral material, in the sense that it is not necessarily important to combine other garden accessories in the same material to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Even if you combine a different decor, the garden will still have its own character.

A possible use of wooden planters designed to close three of the four sides of a gazebo, in order to be more sheltered from the sun. It has practically the same function as a curtain with the advantage of having flowers and a pleasant scent. The costs depend a lot on the model and the quality of the wood used to make the planter, everyone can decide based on their personal taste but also on the basis of an economic budget that they have decided to spend. The wooden planters remain one of the most particular models, which is still a great success today, as even those who love the mimimal garden find them particularly suitable. Thanks to the new models equipped with holes for the drainage of excess water, their durability certainly doubled compared to the wooden planters of the past.

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