The wooden planter represents a versatile and very useful object when it comes to transforming your garden or balcony into a small corner of greenery. This very popular accessory, in fact, allows you to grow different varieties of flowers and plants in a small space. Easy to place even in the most confined spaces, you can use a wooden planter to beautify and keep the areas of your home dedicated to gardening in order. Wood, a material that distinguishes this type of planter, is an ideal solution to offer shelter to plants thanks to its ability to let the roots transpire. Finally, the lightness of the wood will allow you to easily move this object and change the arrangement of your flowers whenever you want. When you are looking for practicality and beauty, you can opt for a wooden planter of the size suitable for the environment at your disposal.

Dark wood planter

Any space in your home can be suitable for hosting a small corner dedicated to greenery: a wooden planter will be able to adapt to every need for space and style. Even a small balcony, for example, can be the perfect place to grow aromatic herbs that are useful in the kitchen and have a great decorative effect. Choose a planter that fits the shape of the space at your disposal. A square or rectangular container will be able to adapt to occupy a corner well exposed to light, placing itself discreetly in the surrounding environment. If, on the other hand, you have more space, the choice may fall on more important garden planters. Some planters, for example, manage to reconcile the functional aspect with the purely decorative one. By playing with shapes and different shades of color, you can transform the open spaces of your home with a few simple touches, simply by playing with the combinations. Wood, a natural material par excellence, also lends itself very easily to being painted and adorned with the use of non-toxic stencils and dyes.

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Wood planters Are you looking for inspiration to decorate your garden? The timeless shabby chic style when it comes to beautifying open spaces or country houses. This is the perfect style for a wooden planter with a romantic and a little vintage flavor. You can make one with recycled materials using old wooden pallets: these are platforms normally used for storing materials in warehouses, but very trendy when it comes to do-it-yourself furniture. You can use them as wooden planters to house your seedlings and create cute vertical gardens, perfect for climbing or cascading shrubs. You can use the natural pallet or after having sanded and painted it in the color you prefer. This solution is perfectly suited to the decoration of large open spaces and empty walls.

Suspended planter Even those who do not have a garden available can succumb to the charm of wooden planters, as long as they are small and cleverly placed. A window or a small balcony, for example, can accommodate beautiful hanging wooden planters. You can secure them safely using simple metal chains. The suspended effect will allow you to multiply spaces by making the most of the vertical dimension of the rooms. For this reason, this simple practical solution is perfectly suited to those who do not want to give up the pleasure of a small green corner even in their city apartment. In this case, choose rectangular and not too deep planters, so as not to weigh down the structure too much. You can use them to grow flowers, small ornamental plants, or commonly used vegetables such as cherry tomatoes.

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