The wooden grating has a specific function: it is used to grow climbing plants, but in addition to this specific function, it also manages to satisfy the need of those who want to obtain a space in the garden away from prying eyes. The plant, growing on the grating, covers the structure, and therefore, despite having a rather pleasant appearance, creates a sort of closure. Although at first glance they may all appear the same, they are actually different because each one is made with specific characteristics.

wooden grills

wooden grillsMost of them are made with Nordic pine which is absolutely not painted, but only in some cases can it be treated in such a way as to make it more resistant to rain. The substances used guarantee the grating greater durability, making it an indestructible element of the garden. Generally they are made of standard size but in some cases they can also be ordered to measure. Capitals, arches and particular shapes can make the wooden grating an element of the garden capable of bringing an extra touch of class to the outdoor space.

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The choice also concerns the meshes of the grating in the more or less dense version, in the oblique, horizontal or vertical version. By combining different grids together, a sort of dividing wall is created between one space and another and, enriching it with flower boxes, the space will certainly be even more interesting. Wood allows you to create the grating in any way and also in any color. While many prefer it in its natural shade, others wish to have it in the white version. Each type of wooden grating has specific characteristics: with or without planter, inserted in the flower bed, used only to create a divider. The grating with the planter allows you to buy these two elements together and therefore it is a single block, even if it can often be detached and each piece can be used independently. Even the planter, square or rectangular, is made of wood, made with slats.

Today the models of wooden planters are innovative because, between the internal wooden structure and the ground, a layer of plastic is interposed that avoids contact between the ground and the wood, because if this were the case, it would tend to rot in the long run. The planter requires only an external maintenance treatment and not an internal one. The solutions for using the wooden grating in the garden are truly endless: it can separate the swimming pool from the dining area and the lighting system could be interposed between one grating and the other, or it can be used to isolate the space of the gazebo and then the planter with its grid will surround the entire perimeter, or it can be used for the balcony.

The grating also finds perfect association with the screen which, unlike the first, is a completely closed structure that is specially made to shelter from the wind. By interspersing these two structures, a very interesting effect is created. The wooden grating is also frequently used by public places that want to create a reserved space if they also have an outdoor area. It performs the same function for the private sector. Furthermore, the wooden grating is a mobile structure that does not require a particular fixing to the ground and can always be moved to any other area. When the grating is no longer needed, only the planter can be used, and in any case it turns out to be a purchase that does not remain unused. Wood is a timeless element for garden furniture and in fact it is chosen with a certain frequency.

When you buy the wooden grating, asking the dealer you can also know what type of treatment it has been subjected to to make it more resistant. Being a natural space it is always advisable to use furnishings that are made with natural materials. Each wooden grating represents a module, where thanks to the wise choice of flowers it is also possible to create very interesting natural settings. The cost of the wooden grating is quite affordable and this allows anyone to have an immediate and equally pleasant solution to admire to divide the space or create an area away from prying eyes. The wooden grating fixed in the ground must be perfectly anchored otherwise the wind could damage it. Garden furniture and home improvement stores offer a multitude of models of wooden grating. To know the exact number of modules to buy it will only be necessary to have with you the size of the space to be covered. Each module has a different size, usually they are all bought the same to give the grating a rather homogeneous shape.

Discovering, starting from today, the reasons why you are advised to focus on an element such as that of the gratings for the furnishing of your garden is possible. Within this section, however, we have set out to go further and illustrate the peculiarities of a specific product category, as in the case of the so-called wooden gratings.

In fact, we are in the presence of a product that can help you in multiple contexts, thanks to a unique material and structure, able to favor, for example, the growth of climbing plants. It is precisely this value that will ensure that your green corner can be effectively protected from both unobtrusive glances and from the annoying wind.

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