The wooden gazebo represents the classic model with which the gazebo itself is created. Over time, other materials have also been used such as wrought iron. Wood is the material that best fits into a garden as it is something natural that certainly does not need to be treated to make it even more beautiful. When you see a shiny-looking gazebo, it means that the wood has undergone a process that made it so by means of protective oils. Those who do not like to see the grain of the wood can always decide to dye it in another shade. The wood, however smoothed and made smooth to the touch, we choose only top quality wood which guarantees a long lasting gazebo over the years.

wooden gazebo

wooden gazeboThe structure is made in its entirety in wood, while the roof can be in wood, tiles or with awning. The wooden roof makes the gazebo very classic, you can use wooden planks that are wedged together and the rainwater conveyed, by means of drain pipes, to one side of the gazebo in such a way as not to damage it. The roof with tiles makes the wooden gazebo very rustic, the tiles are arranged as a canopy and the space below is sheltered. The use of the tent, on the other hand, requires a waterproof fabric sheet to cover the roof of the gazebo. Sometimes the same tent in winter disassembled and then applied the following year. The structure always has a roof that ends in a point where the wooden planks are placed in such a way as to support the entire weight.

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The flooring of the wooden gazebo can also be made of wood and also have steps that allow access to it. An alternative, if the gazebo is fixed to the lawn, is to leave the classic grass or to tile only this space below the gazebo. The wooden gazebo can remain open on the side or be closed by means of a small wooden railing.

The glass closure of the gazebo serves to satisfy particular uses of the same. When a dining area that you want to take advantage of even in autumn, it should be closed as if it were a veranda, as the transparent or colored glass protects from the cold. The wooden gazebo is also perfectly suited to use as a cover for whirlpool tubs. So by placing it in the garden it can be used all year round and summer, opening the windows practically in the garden. The glass can be opened by means of sliding aisles or by hinged doors. The model with the possibility of closing is also made with curtains, for in this case the curtains have a purely aesthetic function or possibly protect against insects but are not suitable for using the gazebo even at different times of the year. The choice of the wooden gazebo was also made due to the low maintenance it requires because the gazebo, as sold, is impermeable to rain and, once firmly anchored to the ground, remains a fixed element of the garden.

Lighting is always necessary both because it makes the gazebo space even more special but above all because it allows you to experience that space even in the evening. There are several possibilities to illuminate the gazebos: a chandelier, a floor lamp, spotlights, depending on the kind of light you like best. If it is not a question of solar energy lighting solutions, remember that it is essential to prepare the area for an electrical connection.

The wooden gazebo is a very characteristic element of the garden that can be embellished with side planters or climbing plants, by installing a lateral support to the structure itself. Being a fixed element, the garden remains perfectly furnished even in winter without running the risk of it being damaged, and in summer it can be used for various functions. An alternative, now very fashionable, for wooden gazebos, to furnish them with a comfortable and large bed, made with a wooden support and a mattress, where you can relax, sleep, read, perhaps next to the pool. The characteristic cover of this model of wooden gazebo made with palm leaves, and often seen also in bathing establishments. The innovations of the sector are always present, every new season companies try to adapt new comforts to the classic model of wooden gazebo, to make it an ever-current garden element without losing the classic shape that made it so popular.

Wooden gazeboAnd starting today, your decisions about the gazebos to be placed inside your garden can always be made in absolute awareness. Within this new section, more specifically, we are trying to make you perceive the importance of this element, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view.

With wooden gazebos, more particularly, you can ensure the possibility of choosing a solution that is always focused on the concept of elegance and which, at the same time, will show you the alternative that will be able to protect you at best, during the hottest months, from the sun’s rays, preserving your long moments of relaxation in the home garden.

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