Do you want to give life and color to your garden? The wooden houses are definitely an element that will help you. In addition to being an enclosed space where you can store tools, garden tools and various kinds of objects. Ecological, warm and welcoming, pleasant with a visual impact, they can give your garden liveliness and practicality. The wooden houses, compared to those made of other materials, such as stone, PVC and so on, have the prerogative of keeping in line with the environment and maintaining the aesthetics of naturalness. Nice outside and comfortable inside, they can help you create additional environments to your home, not only as we said above, as a storage room, but also to create a small study in the green, a space to be used as a laundry, a room for reading and relaxation, or a space where your children can play freely. In short, the use of these prefabricated wooden houses, really multiple, and the final result convenient and pleasant. Although it is not always easy, for bureaucratic reasons, to obtain permission to build a small wooden house, this possibility is intriguing an increasing number of people, precisely because of their practical usefulness and the decorative aspect which is no less important. so it is an integral part of the garden furniture, inserting itself into the green with great skill, in balance with trees and flowers, precisely because of the ability of the wood to blend perfectly with the external environment. The wood is also suitably treated resistant to atmospheric agents, which will give your cottage beauty and longevity.

wooden cottage in the garden

This type of house is made with natural treated wood, in order to become waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents, which would otherwise end up deteriorating it. The same type of treatments are performed for the roof. Wood is easy to work with, it was, in fact, one of the first materials manipulated by man, used for multiple purposes, it is also a material capable of de-isolating it from the external environment, maintaining the most pleasant temperature in every season. The woods most used for this purpose are woods such as labete, Nordic labete, chestnut, cypress, pine and, if desired, also oak, although it is a wood with higher costs. If you prefer, you can decide to color the wood to make your cottage more picturesque and cheerful, even if generally natural is preferred; in this case there are neutral wooden houses on the market suitable for painting. Depending on the use for which the house has been designed, it can take on different dimensions, it can also be equipped with doors and windows, like a house with a capital C! Beyond the measure, inside these houses can be arranged with shelves, more or less decorative hooks, containers and furnishings of various kinds according to future use. Some are so small that they can only be used as a tool shed, while others are so large that they can be fitted with a workbench or a table with a kitchenette. Ecological, resistant, beautiful, functional, quick to make, all features that will make your house perfect!

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wooden cottage in the gardenThe choice of wooden garden houses is quite wide, and is aimed at various types of users. Depending on the size, shape of the roof, and the construction of the external walls, there are different types of garden houses; some details in design and size make them more suitable for one purpose rather than another, although they can then be adapted to circumstances. In any case, if you have purchased a small box, with the idea of ​​making a closet, it will be impossible for you to use it for uses that require a larger space. There are more linear and simple forms, with a single door and no window, or houses with a more lively design, equipped with canopies, doors and windows with enchanting finishes. It is up to you to make the choice that best suits you.

On the market, among the various types of wooden houses for outdoors, you can find for example the following types: 1) the panel houses, which have essential shapes, and install easily, thanks to the pre-assembled panels; 2) the sturdier and more structured houses with overlapping planks; 3) the typical multipurpose boxes, of 2-3 square meters if designed as a cabin or tool shed, of 15 or more square meters if used for example as a garage. particular forms of roof, and any landings with veranda and fence, which generally range from 9 square meters to 20; 5) the wooden houses for children, are real miniature houses suitable for children, built in a targeted way from the point of view of safety, with rounded corners, water-based paints, colors and pictorial decorations, to recreate the magic of the game and the fairy tale.

wooden garden house First of all you have to decide if your garden shed will be anchored to the ground, or only supported, since if you decide to fix it to the ground you will have to ask the municipality for a permit, in order to receive the authorization. In fact, everything that is mobile does not require authorization, while what will become fixed in your garden will require a specific permit. Once you have decided, and obtained the possible permission, you must have clear in your head, the outdoor space you have, the use you will make of this new environment and consequently concentrate on the type of house that is right for you. It is important to evaluate the ground on which you will rest it, which must be well leveled and free from uncomfortable slopes. You can also decide to have it built to measure by a specialized company, which will provide for the entire realization, satisfying your every request; or you can go to a garden or outdoor furniture center and buy a prefabricated one, with an assembly kit attached that will help you in the various stages of construction. In this second case, when making your choice, you must have very clear ideas about what you intend to achieve and at what price. Your choice will be based on the quality of the woods, the thickness of the walls, the functionality according to the intended purpose, and also on your economic possibilities.

Have you finally bought your wooden house? Now is the time to bring it to life, organizing it externally and internally according to your personal taste and your needs. If your little house will be used mainly as a shed, you can place it in a corner of the garden, and prepare it inside with shelves and nails for storing tools. If you decide to use it as a woodshed, it will be sufficient to study a practical and orderly criterion for arranging the wood. If you need it as a living space, you can insert various types of furniture, shelves, hanging containers, wall cabinets, any tables, chairs and sofas to create a relaxation area. Do you like to read? Then a library should not be missing! Even the decorative aspect will take on considerable importance, especially if you receive guests in that space, the environment can thus be embellished with curtains, cushions, and objects capable of giving it a certain style. In the latter case, the house becomes a real ornament of the garden, so it would be better to place it in a central area, that is, well visible and decorate it externally with planters, plates and objects to hang on the walls, the idea of ​​a landing with a smaller veranda is also nice. or less large, according to the size of the house. If, on the other hand, you decide to use it as a play area for children, you will have to follow other important precautions, relating to safety and the creation of a comfortable and pleasant playful environment. As mentioned previously, there are wooden houses that are already born in the factory for this purpose, colored and painted, prepared with all the safety standards. If, on the other hand, you decide to create it yourself, you will have to prepare the necessary safety rules yourself, and perhaps make it pleasant and colorful with your imagination and especially with that of your children.

Garden wooden housesDo you want to finally get a series of very useful information on a product that, from many points of view, could actually change the face of your green corner? Then you are in the right place, since within this section you will be able to come across input on specific topics, as in the case of wooden garden houses.

More specifically, we are in the presence of a solution thanks to which you will be able to meet, at the same time, decidedly heterogeneous needs: on the one hand, who could make their children happy, guaranteeing them a space for fun, on the other hand you may get support for managing your tools.

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