Practically all types of wood on the market can be used in wooden floors, especially if various shades of color are required to compose even complex figures or drawings. In practice, it is preferable to buy particularly strong and well seasoned essences (especially for outdoor flooring) and able to offer good mechanical strength with particular reference to wear resistance. It follows that pich-pine, larch, ash, walnut, chestnut, teak or Slavonian oak are preferred. Mobile boards also have good requirements, the lower part of which is coated with bitumen-based and very fine inert substances (fillers) to make them waterproof, rough and adherent to the laying surface.

Wooden floor with decorations

An elegant wooden floor Unlike other building materials, wooden floors have the characteristic of reacting with the environment in which they are placed; wood, in fact, being a hygroscopic material, sensitive to climatic variations, even if placed inside the rooms. During the hot season, especially in rooms where air conditioning systems without dehumidifiers are in operation, high air humidity values ​​may be encountered with consequent slight swelling. In winter, on the other hand, the continuous use of artificial heating can cause excessively dry air conditions that generate shrinkage phenomena. Among other things, wood is not a homogeneous material and its response to external actions, albeit imperceptible, depends on the orientation of the fibers within its own wood structure.

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Orientation of the wooden slats Parquet floors, widely used in cold regions, are preferred both for their beauty and for the silence and warmth they offer. Their structure of the stratified or solid type; in both cases it is in the presence of a product regulated by European Community standards. In the most common use these floors are composed of slats 12-15 cm wide, 50-60 cm long, or squares of 80-120 cm on each side, in turn composed of small tablets, even of different colors, placed to create a drawing. The format of the elements according to the size of the environment. In fact, it is very effective to place the design only in the center of the room and surround it with a border of tablets of harmonized color and quality. The parquet can be applied on any laying surface, even on an old floor without having to demolish it.

Cleaning and maintenance of a parquet Ordinary maintenance of wooden floors requires few but basic precautions. Wood is a living material that has a tendency to deform to reach equilibrium with the environment in which it is placed; moreover, having a structure equipped with fibers, organized according to directions parallel to each other, it is essential that these directions are strictly followed in the operations of cleaning from dust and washing the floor. In common jargon these directions are called the grain of the wood and they must be referred to in the daily cleaning with the electric broom or with the cloths soaked in water and rigorously wrung out before being swiped on the floor. After washing, the application of a thin layer of wax protects the wood over time, making it enjoyable even from an aesthetic point of view.


Wooden floors – Outdoor floors

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