Wooden fences are widely used to delimit gardens or areas in front of houses; this type of fences can also be used only to delimit a small area within the garden itself, without having a strong visual impact. There are different types of wooden fences, starting from small fences, useful in dividing the garden areas; up to real fences, fixed at the base to a low wall, or in any case with concrete “foundations”. The use of wood allows us to position a fence that is always very pleasing to the eye, and with a more natural and harmony with the garden. Often the wooden fences are used of small dimensions, not very high, and therefore simply delimit an area of ​​the garden, or the whole property, without bringing protection. However, there are very high and massive wooden fences, to which, however, often in generally iron or concrete fences are preferred.
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fenceThe wooden fences are produced with high-strength materials, the wood is treated in an autoclave, so that it can withstand years of rain, sun, frost, heat, and all the bad weather to which they are subjected while remaining permanently outdoors; some fences, in addition to being treated with an impregnating agent, are generally also painted, with specific paints that prolong their life in the open air.

In general, an outdoor wooden fence is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years, but some materials are also guaranteed for much longer durations.Surely proper maintenance allows us to extend the life of our fence. generally in an application of impregnating products, to prevent the wood from being damaged over the years, even aesthetically, by mold or algae. Even the periodic cleaning of the wood, simply with the use of a cloth and specific products, helps to extend the life of the fence.

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Wooden fences have the advantage of being less expensive than other types of fencing; the wood for these fences, often already prepared in ready-made kits, can easily be found in any shop di you.

Furthermore, placing a wooden fence is a very simple operation, which can also be practiced by a beginner.Wooden fences fixed to the masonry instead must be laid by a professional, as preparing a wall suitable for housing a fence is certainly not a hobbyist job.

Wooden fences Do you want to always be at the forefront of a very delicate topic for the furnishing of your green corner like that of garden fences? Then you will not be able to do without the advice that you can get through this page, where we will try to make you perceive the reasons that can lead you to a decision of this type.

Specifically, the element, which is very reminiscent of the American style in gardening, can guarantee your garden a much better glance, also considering the use of a material such as wood: certainly less safe than classic walls, fences will have a better decorative effect than you ever think.

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