To protect your car from rain, snow or hail there is an easy remedy: wooden roofs. Obviously you need to have enough space available and you have to choose the best place to do it. If you have a garden, it can be done anywhere, but it is always advisable to build it close to a wall, so that at least on one side it is already sheltered and closed by the wall. There are many types of wooden carports: if you have a large space available you can opt for a house model, that is with a sloping bed; alternatively you can opt for a canopy with the base only on one side from which the roof starts to cover the car like a pergola or a shelter. These models have a prefabricated wooden roof covered with insulating and waterproofing materials to prevent rainwater from passing through, but there are also models covered only by beams, on which a cover is then placed, which can also be a thick waterproof plastic sheet . There are also canopies in plastic material, or in iron or aluminum, but usually the wood is more resistant and above all more beautiful.

An example of a carport with a tarpaulin as a cover

An example of a wooden shed for a cottage carPrices for wooden carports vary depending on the model, type of wood, size and mounting. If we call some workers to assemble it, it will obviously cost more; alternatively, many companies sell kits that allow you to build your own canopy yourself. For example, Carport kits range from 700 euros for a shed with a horizontal roof for a single parking space, to 1800 euros for one with two parking spaces; for treated wood canopies with roof in insulating and waterproofing material, prices range from 1800 euros upwards, depending on the size, including assembly. Alternatively, there are wooden sheds in the shape of a house, therefore with a sloping roof, which can be opened as a normal canopy, or closed. In the latter case, the closure is with a wooden door and the structure becomes a real wooden box. These models, made with quality materials, are more expensive: their price ranges from 2500 euros upwards depending on the size, including assembly.

An example of a DIY canopy project To make a DIY wooden canopy, you can buy kits with all the necessary material. It is advisable to first draw a project of the canopy, after taking the measurements and deciding its purpose. In addition to the materials in the kit, such as support poles, wooden or plexiglass plates, screws and bolts, you will need a tape measure, a pencil, colored chalk and a drill. If the base where you intend to build the roof is tiled, it is advisable to indicate with chalk the measures and the points where to fix the poles to the ground. First you need to take the four galvanized anchors: they must have a square section and the size of the poles and must be fixed to the floor with screws and bolts. For added safety, the best solution is to cement them. Then you have to position the four support poles of the canopy, then joining them at the top with four beams to form the base cage of the canopy. At that point we move on to the roof: we need to fix the wooden or plexiglass panels on the beams with screws and bolts. Alternatively, you can opt for a cover with a plastic sheet, which must still be fixed to the beams with screws.

An example of a glulam shed If you want to build a truly durable canopy in your garden, you should buy one of laminated wood. This type of treated wood is much stronger than normal wood, as well as being much harder and much more aesthetically pleasing. Since the processing of glulam is more complex than with normal types of wood, structures made of this material cost a little more. The prices of glulam canopies vary according to the size of the structure, the type of structure and the workload required to build it. Normally, prices range from 200 to 280 euros per square meter, a system with which laminated wood is measured when the construction of a custom-made canopy is required. For canopies with standard sizes, they range from 130 to 200 euros per square meter, but everything always depends on the type of wood and the type of structure.

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