The origin of garden gratings is lost in the mists of time and is linked to the need to support climbing plants, whether they are leaning against a masonry wall like a cladding, or used as an autonomous architectural element, like a real living wall. This second use has led to the development of modular industrial products, which can be assembled and are so well finished that they can be used as independent architectural modules, not necessarily suitable for supporting plants. Italy boasts leading companies in the sector, with proposals for wooden grids from rustic, elegant, design. Some versions are already equipped with uprights, bases and related accessories (shelves, benches, gates) as well as having coordinated garden furniture. They lend themselves to the creation of pergolas, gazebos, corridors, entrances or simply wings that can be used as real outdoor walls, to delimit spaces based on use, to shade or screen portions of our property from view. In the more compact weft versions, the wooden grids can also have the function of a windbreak barrier or floor.
wooden grill

wooden grillDo-it-yourself is accessible to everyone especially for making plant supports. The simplest structures are precisely those to support climbing species on the wall and can be built at home. They can be made with bamboo canes joined by florist’s wire but greater strength can be guaranteed precisely by a wooden grid. To obtain it by hand, a wooden hacksaw and wooden slats with a width of around 5 cm are enough. and of the desired length, nails and hammer to join them together creating a checkered or diamond pattern. It is essential to fix our grill well to the wall and / or to the ground, as well as not forgetting to protect it with an impregnating agent – a special paint to be applied with a brush, which protects the wood from atmospheric agents, mold and fungi, parasites and aggressions. pollution. The wooden grills that are on the market have already undergone this essential treatment for their durability.

With our wooden grills it will be fun and very satisfying to make wisteria, hibiscus, roses, jasmine, lilac or whatever we like to turn into a beautiful covering for an old wall or a self-supporting bush!

wooden grillTo furnish outdoor spaces the simplest way, and with a sure result, is to search among the wooden gratings of industrial production: there is a wide choice, with prices for all budgets, starting from 35.00 / 50.00 euros per module. They can be installed both directly on the ground and on a pavement, paying due attention to anchoring to the ground, which must guarantee stability to the stresses of the wind and atmospheric agents in general.

The ready-made modules are particularly appreciated by outdoor architects because they have reduced dimensions, do not permanently alter the environment and, being mobile structures, do not require interventions and building permits to be installed. The grids, even in the version with trims and uprights, are rather light and therefore easy to use for the construction of roof gardens and balconies. They make it possible to define – like a wall or a low wall – the different areas of use of green spaces: entrances, corridors, environments where one can sit and entertain, more reserved or sheltered from sun and rain, walls capable of denying to the service areas view. Therefore they are widely used in outdoor structures intended for the public, such as gardens of restaurants and hotels, bars, bathing establishments.But the guidance of a professional is not essential to obtain satisfaction from the use of wooden grids: with the modules available on the market, it’s difficult! Often those who sell them also offer advice on possible solutions and guarantee their installation. Just present our ideas to the retailer with a detailed plan of the garden, including the dimensions of furniture and structures present that you intend to maintain. Only a minimum of aptitude for planning and imagining the transformations to be implemented is essential.

The choice of the wooden grill has two advantages that should not be underestimated, linked to its very nature. It is particularly economical and ecological.

It does not require large investments in money and allows, in the case of a building structure, to modify the use of the spaces initially defined, to renovate or relocate by reusing the structures available, integrating them as needed with new elements and proceeding (if necessary) only to simple restoration of colors and protective varnish with simple restoration interventions. Finally, it is absolutely ecological: wood is a natural material and rather durable over time. At the end of their life cycle, wooden garden grills can easily be used as fuel or even shredded and composted.The material in which it is made and its essential concept are the simple values ​​that have allowed them to remain over the centuries. , while adapting and evolving according to the taste and needs of the era in which the wooden garden grill is made.

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wood garden grills – Gratings and Windbreaks

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