Water is a vital element for plants and for all living beings on the planet. A precious asset to be respected and used with intelligence: even when it comes to watering the pots on the terrace or balcony. We therefore say “no” to waste and “yes” to a conscious use of water in domestic irrigation: starting with the choice of the right tools. Drip irrigation is a method that derives from professional irrigation systems and whose fundamental concept is to give each individual plant the right amount of water. This type of irrigation uses very modest flow rates and distributes the water directly near the roots of the plants, avoiding waste due to evaporation. Furthermore, with a simple battery-powered electronic programmer, it is possible to accurately determine the duration of the irrigation and therefore the quantity of water, by irrigating at the best time: early in the morning or in the evening, even when we are on vacation. without wasting even a drop of precious water.

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DIY drip irrigation Claber is an Italian company that with its irrigation solutions has for decades been a point of reference for all gardening, vegetable garden and potted plants enthusiasts. With its range of products Rain Jet, Claber offers the widest choice of solutions to create a drip system with the utmost simplicity and without using tools or electrical connections. From battery-operated programmers to set a customized irrigation program, with just two buttons or with a simple knob, to flexible hoses and fittings, to in-line and end-of-line drippers, with fixed or adjustable flow rate, tested in the laboratory to guarantee a total reliability and precision. Claber is the right solution to save time, effort and precious water, guaranteeing all potted plants the right amount of water. You can buy a ready-to-use kit that includes, in a convenient package, everything you need to water up to 20 or 50 pots on the terrace or in the vegetable garden, or always create a completely customized system yourself, by downloading the guides to do-it-yourself irrigation from the Claber website.

Rain Jet Claber Among the Claber solutions for drip irrigation, the Aqua-Magic kit stands out because it allows you to create an automatic system even on terraces or other outdoor spaces without a tap. This innovative system includes a special programmer with integrated pump that draws water from the practical foldable Aqua-Tank, with a capacity of 80 liters, or from any large container already available in the house. The Aqua-Magic programmer is also equipped with a photovoltaic panel that powers two normal rechargeable batteries, exploiting the clean and unlimited energy of the sun, but at the same time guaranteeing maximum reliability in any weather condition. The whole is connected to an irrigation line with special drippers, to perfectly water up to 20 pots.

claber irrigation for indoor plants Claber has also thought about indoor plants, with Oasis: a practical and versatile water dispenser that allows you to create a drip irrigation system that works while we are away or on vacation, without electrical connections and without leaving taps open. Oasis works with a single 9V battery and guarantees up to 40 days of irrigation for 20 pots. It has a modern and elegant design and is ready to use in a few minutes: another Claber idea that puts the benefits of drip irrigation within everyone’s reach.

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With drip irrigation, the watering can is no longer needed

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