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John from goes on a field trip to a Viewers house to check out what’s growing on in the Winter Garden in Las Vegas. In this episode you will learn what crops you can plant in the winter time in the Las Vegas Desert that will grow successfully. In addition, you will discover how to use common household items to make a simple, but effective cockroach trap. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWinter Vegetable Gardening in My Backyard TourBetter Homes and Gardens – Gardening: winter vegetable gardenVegetable Gardening in the Low DesertSouthern California Winter Vegetable GardeningAeroponic farm, exploding with food in the middle of a winter “food desert”!Best Winter Vegetable Gardening

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  • MakingMoneyOnTheGo 5 months ago

    you and her look like relatives brother n sister lol

  • Barbara Parra 5 months ago


  • J3TPILOT1991 5 months ago

    @laurina411 This garden is also for cold states, the plastic covers are really only for when it gets cold (winter or even night as in dessert locations it gets cold at night). Hope that made sense and helps.

  • J3TPILOT1991 5 months ago

    The Coffee and water mixture is also great for FUNGUS GNATS and many other pests. Try it especially if you have Fungus Gnats.

  • J3TPILOT1991 5 months ago

    @growingyourgreens Smooth John, Smooth.

  • GrowSomethingGreen 5 months ago

    Nice garden, awesome she's still growing. I got some stuff I'm still growing right now too.

  • LeapingFrog Lady 5 months ago

    I did that once John. I used a tent and two flimsy arches to create a gazebo greenhouse. I hung Christmas lights inside. All my plants survived the winter. I was so happy I didn't have to buy more plants the following year.

  • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens 5 months ago

    Havent Grown Lingonberries.. Although I love to eat all berries!

  • texture6 5 months ago


  • The Productive Garden 5 months ago

    What a great garden. It just goes to show that it doesnt matter where you live, if you want to grow your own food you can.

  • Mike Caetano 5 months ago

    Beautiful garden, beautiful girl.

  • HealthForward 5 months ago

    love the hair idea. makes sense to me

  • niffer58 5 months ago

    Maybe slugs? oh ya i think that one would be cool.

  • Tommyr 5 months ago

    About the roach trap, you can also make one that will catch SLUGS! just put some beer in it instead of coffee grounds.

  • Mark Dowell 5 months ago

    Hey John have you ever grown Lingonberries? After seeing your video with the Guava's I was kinda looking into the different type of berries and its quite an adventure looking at all the different kind. Thanks in advance.

  • edstar83 5 months ago

    @VivaLasVeggies 🙂 John's a great guy…

  • srkuhr 5 months ago

    I am sorry to tell you that the cockroaches here in Israel can climb out of a trap like that. Sigh!
    They say that cockroaches will inherit the Earth. They seem to be able to adapt to almost anything.

  • 333derick333 5 months ago

    i am another hair collector, i started after seeing hair pads to go at the bottom of pots to collect the goodness that washes out of the compost when watering, in the uk these cost a lot and so i would not get them but having long hair i can make a few a year and put some out for the birds to use as nesting

  • RVFreeDa 5 months ago

    Wow, I just loved her video! Thanks for sharing her with us John. It's so fun to meet your friends.

  • Vladivostok 5 months ago

    It's so cool when two of my subscriptions interact with each other!