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  • Nick Rotellini 1 year ago

    Damn Jake i appreciate the past videos but this wasnt a tasteful way of advertising your seeds. No more click bait please.

  • razan Khayat 1 year ago

    Wow you're fishes are soo big

  • Shawn C 1 year ago

    Hey Jake, just a suggestion. Your star fruit will produce many more (and larger) fruit with a bit more sun. I have mine in open sun and get about three times the amount of fruit (huge ones too.) You can trim down the moringa savagely with no problem to increase sunlight. Anyway, your garden looks fantastic and I know how difficult it is to have a large number of trees on a smaller lot — I have about 212 fruit trees on mine (every space taken.) Best wishes and love the videos.

  • stefan sini 1 year ago

    Unsubbed…I hope you know why

  • Jorge Oliba 1 year ago

    tengo plantas hasta en la oficina y a cada lugar que voy dejo plantado algo de la naturaleza es como una revolucion esta bueno que todos lo hicieramos pues cuanto mas naturaleza mas salud,aire,etc………….un saludo desde uruguay

  • s?????? 1 year ago

    will you send red knight bell pepper seeds in those boxes ?

  • Tumba Of Infinity 1 year ago

    Dude I want to like you but you are not genuine, all of your videos are you selling yourself or the products from your yard. You could of even still kept up this money grab you got going on but when you make it so obvious that you don't care about connecting with your fellow gardening audience on a genuine level and mention your inauthentic seed business every 4th sentence it is impossible to take you or your videos seriously…and the clickbait titles just take it over the edge. unsubbed.

  • O Loi 1 year ago

    hello me again can you do vedio on how to grow star food tree like what soil to put in how to take care of it

  • O Loi 1 year ago

    hello ill like to grown your maringa tree how big hole i need to make and how deep.

  • OlafGodredsson 1 year ago

    Sorry man, worst video you have ever made

  • puopg 1 year ago

    Seriously man, I like your videos but stop with this baiting. All you need to do is make 1 ad video and remind us kindly at the end of your other videos. I come to see awesome foliage and fruit. Not someone asking me to buy a box of his seeds.

  • VirtualLife 1 year ago

    Star fruits r expensive. That's a good tree.

  • VideogameMetalCovers 1 year ago

    Winter tour? Half the video is advertisement

  • Chiliman 1 year ago

    Third clickbait video in a week

  • High Carb Hannah 1 year ago

    duuude this is EPIC, we have 40 acres in Saint David Arizona, I know its much colder but I want to grow a ton of stuff!

  • Daniel 1 year ago

    Do we need to water when are trees are dormant???

  • salvador sanchez 1 year ago

    I think everything mentioned in this video is great and I'll probably buy a seed bank box but half of the video is advertisement. personally I don't like the same 3 minutes of advertising in every video and would love even a tiny more content in your videos.

  • KATYAMULLETHOV 1 year ago

    Going to be in the mid 80's tomorrow in So Tx , but it dipped to 25 the other night and the bark is peeling off my thumb sized moringa trees . They are mulched in well , so I hope they will sprout back come spring and go nuts