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I am attempting to grow Tatsoi and Lettuce outdoor during winter. For a bubbler, I used a solar powered water pump, a very neat little system that works great when the sun is out. Due to temperature, the plants did not perform as well as they should have. Regardless, the experiment was fun and a good learning experience. Nutrients: MaxiGro by General Hydroponics Mixing instructions: 1 tsp per gallon (Sorry about the mistake in the video where I said 1 tablespoon) No pH adjustment needed if your tap water is between 7.6 – 7.8. Related PostsHydroponic Vs Soil Experiment – 6 Weeks Growth ComparisonWater Pump Setup For Hydroponic SystemSolar Powered Hydroponic – IndoorDIY Outdoor Hydroponic Grow for beginnersSingle Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System – Easy DIY – Patio – Balcony – Winter GardeningVertical Hydroponic Lettuce Experiment – Week 6 – HydroVert Farms

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  • Snow Flakes 7 months ago

    can I get a email address for u

  • Yodita 7 months ago

    I love your videos!

  • midijeep 7 months ago

    Where did you buy your solar air pump?

  • Stephen Stepanovich 7 months ago

    Great video. You have inspired me to start my own hydroponic system and it is going well. Your tips are spot on and your green thumb amazes me. I also like how you recycle everything, I have had that salad many times and never thought to use it as a propagator. Ingenious!.

  • curtflirt2 7 months ago

    I just remember like back in the 80s when the weather in Texas remained in the 80s during winter, now everything is off.

  • John Wakamatsu 7 months ago

    I have always grown plants in the ground or in pots outdoors. I have never grown plants indoors and wonder if hydroponics is better then out door growing.

  • John Wakamatsu 7 months ago

    I enjoy watching your plant videos. I am germinating Carolina Reapers using the baggie method. I probably should have germinated them in the January or February. I have been growing Thai peppers outside and the seedings are starting to sprout on their own in the garden. I live near the coast in Los Angeles and never have frost. The minimum temperature is around 40 degrees F.

  • Kyle Wardwell 7 months ago

    follow me on instaslam… dm for a free sample

  • kanechika konieczka 7 months ago

    thanks for your awesome work. i recommend your site to many people i meet. I have been doing backyard hydroponics for 20 years but you show me new stuff i have never seen like focusing on sprouts and small plants which i would have never thought of if it were not for you. here is an idea i am doing now you may find useful. for $20 you can get a 4'X8' sheet of 2" syrofoam mirror coated on one side and white plastic coated on the other. for $5+ each you can get 8 cement mixing trays and cut the styrofoarm to fit each. each tray holds 10 gal and you can cut x holes in the foam to make a kratky system to your desire. you can easily see when you need to add water. word limit may be up soon but you should get the idea.

  • Laura Martinez 7 months ago

    I love tatsio, so easy to grow. Do you have a recent video of your back yard garden beds? It would be nice to see, compared to your hydro stuff! 🙂

  • Ben Dreis 7 months ago

    Is there a wookie in your pump solo cup?

  • Cindy Villarreal 7 months ago

    great ideas and great video as always Khang…you set a high standard for your videos and it shows, thanks so much

  • Zoltan054 7 months ago

    Hey Khang Starr, i moved my 2 peppers plants from outdoor(to save them from winter) to my growbox indoor(i builded it few weeks ago) and they has been infected by aphids, how can i efficiently remove them(i dont want to have any insects in my room :C)? + some aphids started to move on my small peppers so its not cool. Sorry for my language but im not from America or UK. Please help 🙂

  • L. J. Bush 7 months ago

    You don't want to put the basil out in the ground, that's one that will take over. It propagates really easy, even just cuttings from the lawn mower.

  • Scott Velasquez 7 months ago

    where did you get the pump from? and how much?

  • John Smith 7 months ago

    Where do you get your rockwool and how do you prepare it? I'd read that you need to stabillize the pH levels as well. Do you buy pre-made cubes like the grodan stuff or do you find it at like home depot and make cubes out of it?

  • Great vid (as always) but I thought the small end of the measuring spoon was 1 tsp and the large end 1tbsp?

  • dustin fontana 7 months ago

    nice solar power pump

  • khakhashi Sam 7 months ago

    my clay pebbles keep growing white fuzz. anyone know what could be the cause?

  • Jan King 7 months ago

    I am interested in that solar pump! Your experiment looks great. Basil just won't grow when it's chilly. I'm in Wisconsin and my basil stopped growing when the temps fell into the forties. Right now I'm growing kale, collards, parsley, sage, winter savory and I still have some mint growing. All these plants are outside with no protection. I might need to add some leaves soon tho. Great video I enjoyed it very much.