Winter gardening with Monty Don (BBC Gardener's World)

I had an interview with Monty Don, gardener from Britain with the fabulous show Gardener’s World att the BBC. We talked about how to grow vegetables wintertime. If you want to se more

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Winter gardening with Monty Don (BBC Gardener's World)

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  • Wende Kirckhoff

    "The seasons are changing no question about it", everything Monty said about the seasons is exactly how the weather here in my state is, on the east coast of the US, yep he's spot on. Interesting video about growing in the winter months, I've actually never thought about it, I will now tho…….Thanks

  • Maria Teresa Vartalitis

    Hello Sara. I wish I could understand Swedish. Your video is so inspiring. It makes you want to go out there and start a polytunnel right away. Maybe next time you could encounter in a video in Spanish. From Sunny Argentina thank you.

  • Bealtaine Cottage

    I sow boxes of micro-green salads all the year round…it has worked for me these past 14 years at Bealtaine Cottage Ireland.

  • UK Here We Grow

    A great gardener, You are lucky to have interviewed him. I agree you should use it most of the year. great video

  • Nicholas Sans Pasty

    Enjoyed this. Definitely inspiring I've never liked this whole idea of putting the garden to bed there are things to do in every month. If you can do it there when it's even colder we can do it here in the UK.

  • duckhunt11001

    Your video was wonderful. I would enjoy watching more if your videos if you could do them in English as well thanks

  • Jeannie Holmes

    I enjoyed your interview with Monty Don and your own thoughts on gardening. I am from America and subscribed to your channel. Thank you for sharing in English.

  • fzjohnson

    Sara, you have such a wonderful "screen presence". Thank you for doing this video in English. I could not agree with you more RE: Winter gardening and was saying to my mother just a few weeks ago how I felt more excited about the Winter crops I was planning than about my current glut of Spr/Summer! Winter gardening is so new to me as I grew up in Australia so it was a luxurious 'grow-all-year-round' life. My aim is to do that in the UK – without a polytunnel (!!!) I look forward to seeing more of your lovely, enthusiastic presentations. Thank you!

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