This past week my 2 year old daughter and I moved our Irises and made space for winter veggies in the front yard bed. Here in Southern California we planted lettuces including Romaine, cauliflower, kales, kohlrabi, pansies, okra, and johnnie jump ups. Our peas are coming up and starting to climb the poles. Our remaining tomato plant is covered in green fruits that we plan to pick and fry for dinner.

Do you garden with your kids, and if so, what are you growing at this time of year? How old are your little gardeners?

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To see my tomato hornworm video:

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Winter Garden Update: Planting our Own Romaine Lettuce (Gardening with Kids)

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  • Erica Terry

    This is incredible Melissa, I am so impressed with your variety. This is so inspiring to me! Hope you are having a wonderful Hanukkah 🙂

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