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Joe Shih Architects and Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop have won the international competition to design an art museum in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Called “The Hill”, the winning design for the Taoyuan Museum of Art features a pair of buildings with inclined green roofs on either side of a raised railway. The back-to-back buildings form a “symbolical gate and hub” for the city of Taoyuan. The building’s slanting green roofs will be planted with trees and walkways will zig-zag across the between terraces used for displaying artworks and as viewing platforms. Cut-out entryways and slots connect the outside with the gallery spaces under the sloped roofs, while a staircase and lift runs from top to bottom. Cube-shaped pavilions built into the sloped facade will be available to artists to rent as temporary exhibition spaces or shops. A lake with a curving bridge sits at the base of the smaller of the two buildings. Bleachers and an outdoor theatre provide places for visitors to sit and watch performances in the art plaza and over the lake. “The aim of was to create a place for entertainment, such as a theme park, which every visit leads to new discoveries,” read the practice’s statement. “An inclined roof was designed to create a continuity with its environment, both with the community beside the museum, and the pond park.” Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWinning design for Taiwan art museum features sloped green roofsFree Lecture: Award Winning Green Roof and Wall Projects: Design and ImplementationGreen Roofs Sustainable Engineering and Design10 – SWMSOFTVA – Design of Green RoofsGreen Infrastructure Series- Green Roofs (Session 2)Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

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    This is the first thing i see on this channel, which is god damn ugly and i saw all of your videos (some several times).