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  • Yilciz Ayala 1 year ago


  • 31415926535equalspi 1 year ago

    Thanks for this vid! Can you grow plants on a wall across from a window in a well-lit room?

  • MindofMaria 1 year ago

    Curious why a water pump was used versus an air pump?

  • Zoey Tolu 1 year ago

    HI, I love the idea. I was wondering if I can turn of the pump during the night and turn it back on in the morning? I am not sure if the plants need to be water 24 hours a day???

  • kaushek HALDAR 1 year ago

    hey loved ur video but wanted to ask what you do to avoid mosquito breeding

  • Rachel Elliott 1 year ago

    Thanks for actually showing us step by step what to do. I´ve seen so many other hydroponics videos that are not as helpful!

  • FirstName 1 year ago

    This is cool, but the home depot bucket used for a reservoir is not food grade. Better to use a food safe bucket?

  • Azulgo 1 year ago

    Guess i've finally found a use for all my old plastic bottles – Perfect! :D

  • Drew Grow 1 year ago

    Very nice. Decorative as well as functional

  • Des420 1 year ago

    You seem genuinely excited about making the video. I appreciate that.