Added by on 2017-10-27 for more FREE video tutorials covering Structural Design & Loading This video elaborates the calculation of wind pressure acting on roof for the structure given in the example. Very first, the video shows the formula used to determine wind pressure on roof which is nothing but the formula that has been briefly described before in earlier videos- the difference is on the assessment of roofs external pressure coefficient. The contents and aspects of the handbook of Australian Standard for Structural Design [Table- 5(B) & 5 (C)] have been used to evaluate different factors and parameters to determine the wind pressure acting on roof for the given structure. The video shows the influence of different factors e.g., roof slope, roof pitch angle, roof height and wind direction angle on the assessment of roof external pressure coefficient (Cp,e) in greater details. On hand practice is recommended to do with this video to understand the design procedure of wind pressure acting on roof fully for the structure given in the example problem. Download for iPhone / iPad: Download for Android: Roofing Calculator – – Roofing Calculator app is made for roofing contractors and sales people to help you quickly estimate roofing cost, roof size, and roofing materials amount and prices. – Download Roof Calculator app from Android Market Website. This app combine most popular roofing calculators from into one easy to use and customize roof calculator for contractors. Watch Roofing Calculator for iPhone video review: Roofing calculator is an excellent sales and roof estimating tool for roofing sales professionals, and will greatly simplify your roof estimate process. With roofing calculator you can provide a roof quote to your customer on the spot, instead of having to go to the office. Features include: Fully customizable general materials […]

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  • Quang Phuc Lee 11 months ago

    What is the code did you use to calculate this ??

  • suvansh malhotra 11 months ago

    How can we see full wind calcs?

  • brokenarrowez 11 months ago

    Talks to fast like a car saleman

  • Mathew 11 months ago

    So you only get Access for 6months if you buy the course? Why not longer?

  • Robin M 11 months ago

    Time to get it on a Black Berry Torch we are the guys that use a phone for work

  • kempouk 11 months ago

    some uk roofers never went to school so cant read what it says on the tin lol,, that was obvious to me from the off,
    there must be a uk or tiled version of this.

  • coolflatroof 11 months ago

    No – Android and iOS only. No plans for BB 7 and older.
    It will be available on PlayBook with OS 2, and BB10 phones … most likely will be added to Windows Phone 8

  • Barry Paul 11 months ago

    will this work on a blackberry torch ?

  • coolflatroof 11 months ago

    Hi Dknightluvr

    There are 3 different places to make adjustments:

    1) The main screen where u specify actual roof details (pitch / size / tear-off, etc)

    2) General settings, where you change how much you charge for different types of work on the roof (tear off / chimney flashing / difficult roof add-on / plywood install, etc)

    3) Roof Materials – where u set prices for materials and INSTALL cost / sq for that particular material.

    Check all your settings and results should be similar. Thanks!

  • Don Ellis 11 months ago

    I just bought this app & using app to get total for a job and then comparing to my written quote…. App = $15,000.00+ & the actual price = $5,700.00!!! How do I make adjustments? (other then what's in the in app settings)

  • ROOF REPAIR 11 months ago

    @bretter66 –

    This app was made by US roofer for US roofers, and is based on squares / feet / 4×8 plywood / 3 bundles per square shingles, etc … the app is made primarily for roofers installing asphalt shingles in USA

    You don't have to buy it, but don't say you wasted 20 bucks – the videos show exactly what you are getting, before you buy – there are 6+ videos that walk you through the app, showing every aspect – and if you failed to watch them – don't complain now.

  • coolflatroof 11 months ago

    @trytocleanit Button for slate? you can create the slate profile – an option we built in for contractors, knowing there are different roofing materials you can be installing with different specs . Watch Part 3 of this video, that goes over roofing materials profiles.

    Also there is no need to post same comments on multiple videos.

  • trytocleanit 11 months ago

    Where is the button for slate?

  • coolflatroof 11 months ago

    My brother told me that when I narrate this video, I sound like I don't know what i'm talking about 🙂 – is that so? what do you guys think?