Added by on 2017-06-22 Wilma Dripper – Hydroponic Systems Ready to experiment? – It’s all in the roots! Multi-plant, any media dripper system Simple assembly – Wilma Timed Use with any media Start with coco and progress to clay pebbles Drippers periodically irrigate roots Excess solution drains into reservoir and recirculates Fresh air pulled into the roots re-oxygenates at every feed Ready to experience huge yields? Find your local Wilma retailer Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWilma Dripper Hydroponic System ShortAtami Wilma Hydroponic SystemPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsThe best hydroponic grow room? Papillons and Wilma Big Pots #37Oxypot – Hydroponic SystemWilma Assembly Video – Hyjo Indoor Garden

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  • Nutriculture Grow Systems 7 months ago

    Wilma 9 is back!
    Having disappeared just over a year ago, without as much as a goodbye kiss, Wilma 9 returns and is looking better than ever.

    Use Wilma 9 to experiment and develop confidence using different media to see which gives you the best results.

    Find out more about our entire Wilma range here:

  • Nutriculture Grow Systems 7 months ago

    The Wilma dripper system is our most popular timed hydroponic system, it’s a great way to start experimenting with hydroponic growing as any media can be used.

    The Wilma timed grow system offers full control over feed durations and frequency.

    The nutrient solution is held in the reservoir, a pump comes on at timed intervals set by the grower and drips the solution into the top of the pots. The nutrient solution then works its way through the media and whatever is not used by the plants drains back into the reservoir to be recirculated at the next timed interval.

    Each time the Wilma’s drip irrigation feed runs it pulls fresh oxygenated air into the growing media.

    The Wilma hydroponic grow system is designed low to the ground so that growing space is filled with plants and not the hydroponic grow system.

    Growers should experiment with different media to see what gives them the best results, and upgrade to clay pebbles as confidence levels grow.