Wildlife Garden Design Guide-Episode 3-Shrubs and plants that encourage wild animals to enter your garden

The award-winning garden ninja Lee Burkhill shows you how to design a wildlife garden. In this episode, Garden Ninja showed a careful observation of wild animal garden shrubs to encourage a large number of birds, insects and creatures to come to the garden space. He also showed how to arrange paths and spacing in your garden to make the most of it, no matter how big or small! #wildlife #gardening #gardendesign #trees #gardenanswer Want to learn about the tips and tricks I use in my garden? Then watch this guide and subscribe to my Youtube channel to get more garden design tips, tricks and tricks! Why not visit my blog for hundreds of gardening guides? www.gardenninja.co.uk is provided by Garden Ninja, Manchesters garden designer and blogger Lee Burkhill. He is the RHS award-winning Chelsea Garden Designer and a member of the BBC Radio Manchester’s Saturday Morning Garden Call Expert Panel. Why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Blog: https: www.gardenninja.co.uk.


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  • Dylan Alexander

    Hi Lee, love the video. I want to create a wildlife area in my very sunny front garden which is about 4sq m.I want to keep a bit of lawn and add a border. I have 3 Buddleias in pots atm( Sungold,Moonlight and Royal Red). Would you recommend just one of them to go in the border? Think more than one would dominate the small area.

  • Tony

    Hey Ninja, wondering if you can offer me some advice? I'm fairly new to gardening and I'm attempting to reseed an existing lawn, I have removed most of the thatch with a rake (thanks to one of your previous videos) and now I'm attempting to scarify, hard work especially since the soil is full of clay (I'm in Newcastle under Lyme near Stoke), my grass is very yellow in parts and almost if not fully dead, I've been adding Miracle Gro Lawn Food in an attempt to revive it before patching up with fresh seed, would that help or do you recommend just ripping it all up and sowing fresh seed? I was hoping to just patch up but I'm not sure if it can work at this stage (mostly yellow grass) thanks!

  • joseph lawson

    Hello. Love your videos. I live in Cornwall. I’ve just made some borders around my lawn. The soil is full of stones. I’m sifting the stones out from the soil before I plant it out. How deep should I clean out the soil? I’m currently digging down about 15cm. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you. Joseph

  • Jonny Ferguson

    Wow. This is gonna look amazing. I thought my lawn was big. This is exactly what I need to do. Save a lot of grass cutting lol

  • Barrios Groupie

    So many options. You could get it all done within a year or two at one extreme, at the other see it as a long term project developed and modified over the years as parts mature and further ideas develop.

  • Eileen Barlow

    Can't wait to see the results of your hard work. I particularly enjoy your instructional tips as I am relatively new to gardening despite being of ripe age! Currently struggling with a small, but completely shaded area,,,, any tips? Would love an episode on that subject. Keep smiling,

  • Nathan Dawson

    This will be fantastic in the long run. Can`t wait(although i must) to see it Lee! I do have a cheeky question though..ive been given a Ribes Sanguineum Edward VII, can i grow this in a large pot for something long term? Not really any space in the borders to do it justice.

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