John from interviews special guest, Josh Cunnings from the Boogie Brew Compost Tea Company on why you are getting ripped off when you purchase liquid hydroponic nutrients and fertilizers.

In this episode, you will learn why Josh dislikes liquid hydroponic nutrients as well as other liquids shipped around the world in single use plastic jugs or bottles.

You will discover Josh’s Zero Bottle Nutrient Program that will enable you to save money and grow better plants by making your own nutrients and organic fertilizers for your plants.

You will discover the concentrated alternatives to the liquid fertilizers and how you can make them for your plants for pennies per gallon.

You will learn a variety of fertilizers you can purchase in dried form and activate it yourself with your filtered water.

Watch the Plastic Planet Documentary at:

Learn how to create your own Open Source Compost Tea

Learn more about and purchase the dry solid nutrients at:

Welcome back, GYG’ers!

Why You Should Never Buy Liquid Hydroponic Gardening Nutrients

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  • SuperKissle

    Check your states fertilizer database to see heavy metal contents of any registered fertilizer organic or mineral based. You may be surprised to find that organic based fertilizers generally have a much higher level of arsenic, lead, cobalt, nickel and other toxic metals when compared to a clean mineral fertilizer such as those made by CANNA. Organic is definitely an important catch phrase in the realm of pest control, but in fertilizers many folks are unaware of the heavy metal content being so high in organics, reason being these metals bioaccumulate in the environment and cannot be filtered out.?

  • Erik Coulombe

    Do you think plastic is more powerful than god? if a person is meant to be born god will see it so.Plastic wont stop what god wants.Also maybe earth likes plastic.?

  • Jan King

    And what about energy bars? Six wrappers a box or more from the larger packs. I love Luna bars but I always wonder "what happens to my wrapper"? Times how many thousands of (or more) people eating the same thing? We are a plastic nation. I carry my Kleen Kanteen water bottle everyday and coworkers look at me like I'm really weird, while they guzzle from their plastic water and sports drink bottles. Then they comment about how they don't drink soda pop and they are much healthier then people who do. So I like to direct them to the ingredients listed in their sport drink and the fact they are drinking from a plastic bottle. You are not drinking a healthy drink! Thanks for the great information and inspiration.!! Thank You, I will make more changes in my life. ?

  • Vegan Nurse Practitioner

    I don't get why Josh isn't a Vegan yet? He is so Vegan, trying to save the planet, I'm sure in an xray his heart is green, so why Josh aren't you a Vegan, look at the planet destruction AND personal destruction of your body that eating meat causes, whats up??

  • Vegan Nurse Practitioner

    You know, when ever you have Josh on, you always pick on him a little bit, haha, that causes him to quickly get anxious, eyes open wider, gets pressured speech, but all the while, you are smiling and having fun watching him go thru this reaction, not sure if you even notice you do it, haha, Do you two get high when you are both on? hahaha
    I always feel bad for Josh, but still I'm smiling and giggling, haha, what is wrong with me? Big Hug to you Josh, please forgive me! Lol?

  • pass your drug test

    Good point. They could just sell a pound of powder you mix with water instead of putting shit in bottles mixed with mostly water It really is stupid?

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