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While today’s educators face their own unique challenges, there has never been a better time to be teaching STEM subjects. (Read the whole post: Public opinion, movements like the local farming and urban ag movements, and a burst in agricultural innovation are colliding to create the perfect environment for STEM and other learning. To harness the power of these changes, educators need teaching tools that will serve them. Classroom gardens are one such tool. Starting a garden has never been an easy task; educators have to pitch the idea to decision makers, raise funds, and juggle tasks like maintenance and set-up. New tools and resources, however, are making this process easier. For instance, indoor hydroponic systems give educators more freedom in aspects like mobility, maintenance, and participation. —————– Copyright Bright Agrotech 2017 Music by: Broke For Free Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest Learning Colors Videos For Children Garden Insects Bugs Kids Toys Dye Coloring Teaching BabiesTEACHING THE KIDS TO GARDENJuaquin Teaching Kids in the GardenElementary School Garden “Why Teaching Kids To Gardening Is So Important” March 11,Niagara Falls students learn healthy habits through ‘teaching garden’Teaching a Child How to Grow a Garden | Gardening is Fun and Educational | Los Angeles Backyard

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  • thecollectorfive 3 weeks ago

    this is the best kind of education

  • Rj Aquaponics 3 weeks ago

    As a person who was obese, type II diabetic, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc… eating a standard American diet and being treated with 5 daily medications… I can tell you a message of "make your own ranch for chicken" is not a good lesson to teach.  A better lesson is to explain we are what we eat.  If you eat a standard American diet you can expect to grow older quicker, sicker sooner and be put on life long medications starting in your late 20's or early 30's.  I learned the truth about nutrition and I lost 70 lbs and I take NO PILLs today.  I am no longer sick relying on medications to shield the underlying health complications of the standard American diet.  A little over 4 years ago, I started eating a plant/starch based diet and soon after the pounds started dropping off and became healthy where I didn't NEED medications any longer.  The beginning of my journey included learning about Aquaponics, many lesson's from Bright Agrotech and Dr. Nate.  So my journey started in learning about how to grow my own food in aquaponics, to Veganism, to health.  That is a lesson to teach our kids of today!

  • energyquicksand 3 weeks ago

    Bravo! This clearly shows that a 'hands on' learning environment that teaches several subjects at once is far superior to being trapped in a class room teaching one subject at a time. Learning about food and why choosing real food over highly processed foods that have too many calories and little nourishment makes more sense and will lead to a healthier life for the students. We need to rethink our educational system from the ground up. It's the least we can do for our children.

  • Michael Alexander Neumann Jaks 3 weeks ago

    …..Of course.

  • Jimmy Hickey 3 weeks ago

    wel that was inspiring!