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School gardens and edible education in schools are excellent ways to: 1. Encourage healthy eating habits + adventurous eaters. 2. Introduce new ways of learning. 3. Bring fresh food to our schools! Here are a few reasons why the Woolly School Garden program might be right for your school! No space? Can’t dig? Plant vertically! Our vertical edible gardens don’t require you to give up any space. No digging required! Easy to follow curriculum! Our nutrition and gardening curriculum is standards-based, making it easy for any teacher to incorporate our lessons in to the classroom! Small budget? Our program is cost-effective! Whereas many school gardens can cost thousands of dollars to install, a Woolly School Garden is cost-effective at only ,000 for the whole kit. Want more information on the benefits of school gardens? Need to persuade your PTA/PTO or Principal that school gardens are good for your school? Download this document outlining the benefits of school gardens. Questions? Email us at Related PostsHow to Set Up Your Woolly School Garden?Woolly School GardensSchool Garden Project: Volunteer with us!The English Gardening SchoolWoolly Pocket Living Wall Planter – Garden House DesignDetroit Vertical Garden with Woolly Pockets

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