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Start learning complex topics simply for 20% off by being one of the first 200 to sign up at Vertical Farming has come a long way over the last few years. With some amazing new technology, crop yields are increasing while resources required to produce new crops is falling sharply. Can Vertical Farming take the place of traditional farming in the near future? Thanks for checking out RealLifeLore2! The world is such an amazing place that offers so much to explore. Check out the rest of my videos related that dive into an array of interesting topics in the areas of Engineering, Science, Technology, and more. Subscribe Here:… Animations courtesy of Vincent de Langen Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)The Genius of Vertical Farming: The Future of FoodThe Future of Food Vertical Farming, Nanotech 2013Vertical Farming: The Future of Food EnergyThe Future of Food Vertical Farming, Nanotech 2013US city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’

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  • This is super informative thanks broskii

  • Karl Ahnee 3 weeks ago

    Let's do everything to prevent this nightmare from happening…

  • El Lorenzo 3 weeks ago

    If one day food become free because plentiful vertical farming, i bet that would solve people's stress right away

  • M. Yusuf Suleman 3 weeks ago

    This is what you make in Autodesk Inventor.

  • Astrah Cat 3 weeks ago

    If we decentralize it yes, if it’s all owned by gigantic mega corporations only we’re all screwed

  • A Jim Fan 3 weeks ago

    So people that don't understand economics think that there's a crisis afoot, so vertical farming "NEEDS" to happen. It's not just a curiosity, I gotcha.

  • Alfath Satria 3 weeks ago


  • Sumit Adhikari 3 weeks ago

    i wonder doesn't artificial lights effect the nutrition we get from these veggies?

  • Gina Marie 3 weeks ago

    Yes! We need this! Runoff from fertilizers into our lakes is ruining freshwater and turning it into dead zones. Not to mention the harmful mental and physical impacts caused by pesticides. Current farming practices are not sustainable. We need change like this implemented if we want a healthy future.

  • Eric Liu 3 weeks ago

    This would be good because it would allow more of our existing farmland to be used for growing biofuel to meet our energy needs.

  • Abdullah Zaman 3 weeks ago

    anybody supplying Vertical Farming System???? or a company which can design for an area of 1000 Sq Yards???? I need complete design and suppliers of equipment.

  • Il Sopravvissuto 3 weeks ago


  • SWOA Studios 3 weeks ago


  • Nadz and vlogs 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft music starts

  • James Kennedy 3 weeks ago

    Darn another all lie video.

  • Sadman Pranto 3 weeks ago

    you forgot to mention a few additional things… Firstly, you won't need massive farming facilities for this. Farm can be just a small part of the city. And can be stacked above for further production/profit for an investor. When you're using Artificial light, You can start the building from 5-10 stories tall and bump it to 20-40 stories as long as you can manage the required logistics and communication. Thus you can depopulate the sparsely populated areas to give the land back to nature and also decentralize/reduce dependency of the cities from one to another.

  • Huawei Chan 3 weeks ago

    Basically just don't waste food

  • Wickett01 3 weeks ago

    At 9:30 you reminded me that we could covert tons of abandoned steel mills in the Rustbelt to use for vertical farming!!

  • berke koç 3 weeks ago

    İsnt farm land cultivated decreasing but produce is increasing .this wont happen unless farms reach their final efficiency.