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You’ll be seeing more and more high tech farms popping up in cities. As the population grows, and we run out of farming land, along with climate change, the future of farming is to bring them into our cities. Creating high tech vertical farms that use aeroponics or hydroponics. From an underground farm in London, to a Japanese office building with a rice paddy field. Across the world people and companies are investing in creating new ways and technology to provide a more sustainable future. Big name investors include Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even the former McDonalds CEO Don Thompson. All pushing the technology of farming and agriculture forward. Companies highlighted in this video include: AeroFarms, Growing Underground, Square Roots (who have Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon Musk, as a co-founder), the Open Agriculture Initiative, Persona Group, Farm One, Bowery, Plenty, Impossible Foods, and Beyond Meat. CREDITS – Select AeroFarm Footage: (CC) by Futurism Originals ( – Selected Farm One Photographs: Farm One and Sarah Blesener – Persona Group office images: By design firm Kon Designs Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)The Rise of High Tech Vertical Farming Worldwide! The Future of Farming for Cities of the FutureDickson Despommier On Vertical FarmingUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’[Money Monster] Rise of vertical farming in the cityVertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry Kakazu

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  • Jonathan Kosyjana 1 month ago

    with all the advancements we've made is astonishing that we have not been dumping our resources to do these kinds of things all along. theirs no reason everyone in the world should be well-fed

  • spiritual eco-syndicalist hero of the working class 1 month ago

    This is wasting SO much electricity. How about agroforestry? Ever thougth about that?

  • Ledena Oluja 1 month ago

    What a shitty future that is.

  • Padurean Calin 1 month ago

    So why are they wearing white suits? Strange, farmers don't wear them…

  • I watched an experiment with leafy plants and different color lights, where they combined blue and red light and it was the smallest plant of all.
    The name of the youtube vid is: 'Experiment: Red Light vs Blue Light – How Spectrums Affect Plant Growth- LED vs CFL'

  • jay mark kabo 1 month ago

    Kembal Musk is not just Elon's brother. He is Kembal Musk. Both won't be successful without each other but they are both individuals. My admiration to Kembal is different but equal to Elon's.

  • Amar K 1 month ago

    Are these GMOs based farms ?

  • Eugenio Ruggiero 1 month ago

    You don't understand that like this people in province will be cut out of society. Wake up

  • mete Seymen 1 month ago

    On earth human population is not increasing. Dont belive it. Beliving is wrong just measure it. Population just increased in socialist societies. But no more existing socialist societies left on world.

  • First Last 1 month ago

    Probably one of the better videos about this. I would like to learn more sout alternatives to traditional farming for staple crops and veg.

  • Gilbert Lujan 1 month ago

    This idea is good the only thing is the bad intentions , it will only benefit those on top it’s just a way to direct $$$ and monopolies the agriculture industry , and can be used to exploit the people ! !!!!!!

  • Almerinda Romeira 1 month ago

    Just like solar panels, this is an investment. It's not easy, it's expensive and the ROI is long. That doesn't mean it's not worth it. Indeed it's actually needed !! Without hydroponics, aquaponics or aeroponics we will not be able to sustain our lifestyles. Just the lower water usage is enough. Don't they say that usable water is scarce and it will most likely be the cause of the next wars?? So what if farms have an edge, so what if cereals are not well suited yet…

  • Cortez312 Cortez312 1 month ago

    What you are seeing is the excuse for Industry to pollute and destroy the entire planet. They can destroy everything that lives and grow food for the slave people in dark empty boxes.

  • Handcraft Jr 1 month ago

    The guy 9:26. I am sure he rolled his eyes down a couple times. Lol

  • Rick Agten 1 month ago

    Tempering population growth is so much simpler and better for the environment.

  • xMoggey 1 month ago

    Some retards are really mentioning the words "never" or "impossible".

    They forgot that the biggest losers in history would say these words often.

    People 100 years ago wouldnt even spent a thought on believing in a moonlanding a few years later.

  • Milly 1 month ago

    7:39 so beautiful

  • Bread From the Dimension of Frosted Plants 1 month ago

    I'm glad that old buildings are being reused for advanced farming.

  • Pudin Tayn 1 month ago

    Wow I heard at least 5 lies and I'm only at 1'33"

  • Rich Daddy Gangsta 1 month ago

    getting near with doom days..