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Jul.19 — Matt Barnard, Plenty Inc.’s chief executive officer, discusses the investment from SoftBank Group Corp.’s Vision Fund and the future of farming. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Selina Wang on “Bloomberg Technology.” Video Rating: / 5 Jorge visits SoFresh Farms in Canby, Oregon! In this video, Josh shows us their indoor grow area. Continue watching the series to see the details of this professional marijuana growing operation 30 min outside of Portland, Oregon! Home =================== Jorge’s forum, Learn more from Jorge Cervantes best book yet; The Cannabis Encyclopedia available now at: Or take Jorge’s online courses at THC University Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsNative Indoor FarmsTripod Farms “Colorado Medical Caregivers” Indoor Cannabis growGalactic Farms: Indoor urban agriculture with Bioponics and AquaponicsStarbound Indoor Farms and ForestsProducción en Invernaderos | Indoor farmsFarmBox: Indoor Farms

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  • Donald Smith 1 year ago

    He said absolutely nothing!!! He just repeated her questions right back to her

  • Djokovic 1 year ago

    Selina is fucking a white guy, smh. Such a waste of asian DNA

  • Lenz2010 1 year ago

    does he understand the question?
    HOW to get the cost down!? fuckingg retardd

  • Anton Koval 1 year ago

    What a BS:
    – "How are you going to drive down prices?"
    – "We want to deliver both to Wal-Mart and Whole Foods"

  • TimeTraveler 1 year ago

    I got 2 white boards side by side for my stuff too. Having coffee and watching weed-tube!

  • Rory Marshall 1 year ago

    You did not invent that idea of putting light beer in a jar that has been around for 50 60 years

  • Rafael Jimenez Gomez 1 year ago

    Seria ideal que estos videos se emitieran en español o por lo menos subtitulados en español

  • matanuska high 1 year ago

    pill bugs are fine..they dont eat plants..they eat decaying matter..they are part of the soil food web.

  • jc 666 1 year ago

    My names Jorge too hehe just subscribed, I'm a new grower just got a tent about to start growing on some master kush

  • Lowkey loskie 1 year ago

    did solo take a page out of his book? seems like bg learned alot from this garden setup or the other way around

  • Calisole 1 year ago

    take notes growers !!

  • Chillin Like A Villain 1 year ago

    Sorry this dude lying. He invented that beer trap lol. No that's called a slug or snail trap. It's a common gardening IPM method. Normally it's done with the bottom of a two litre bottle in the ground at ground level and filled with some cheap lager in it and the smell attracts them. I hate when other people say they invented something when clearly it's a gardening trick invented before this man was even playing in soil. A part from that thanks for sharing jorge ✌

  • SuperKp1986 1 year ago

    Concrete floor u won't have mice

  • Sun is Shinning Grower Ganja Channel 1 year ago


    Sun is Shinning Grower Ganja Channel – YouTube

  • K n o c k e d L o o s e 1 year ago

    Some great bits of info here. Thanks

  • GonjagrowinGirl 1 year ago

    Hey Jorge fantastic video!

    I wanted to share my poem I made while consuming marajuana!

    It's because of weed that I can see!
    My third eye is decrusting, while
    Hollywood/gov is disgusting!
    Is your spirit numb and lost?
    Obviously your brain washed!
    Decalcify your third eye!
    All we've learned is lies!
    So Im setting the record straight, cannibus is really great!


  • mynewname 1 year ago

    Battery powered led strip Stealth grow in my baseball cap! fck yeh! lol

  • El lee oh 1 year ago

    So much great information keep them videos coming Jorge Cervantes

  • Patrick Lynch 1 year ago

    The plants look pretty anemic.