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Why Raised Garden Beds? Let me tell you! Miah’s How-To Video Showing the Building of Our beds: Our Instagram: Our Facebook: My Infrequently updated blog: My Articles in Do South Magazine: Our Music is by our friend Daniel Smith We love happy mail! To drop us a line: PO Box 850 Vilonia, AR 72173 If you would like to financially support our channel and farm, you can shop through out Amazon affiliate link, which will earn us a small commission at no additional cost to you here: Or, if you would prefer to give directly to our channel, you can send PayPal here: Thank you so much for believing in us! Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts$7 Kiddie Pool Raised Garden Bed | CHEAP Container Garden Ideas | Roots and RefugeFULL Fall Garden Tour | Raised Bed Vertical Vegetable Garden | Roots and Refuge FarmDear First Time Gardener, You CAN Grow Food | How To Start Gardening | Roots and Refuge FarmMaking Money on a Homestead | How a Hobby Farm Can Help Pay For Itself | Roots and Refuge FarmGrowing Gardeners (Raising Kids in the Garden) | VLOG | Roots and RefugeGrowing Gardeners (Raising Kids in the Garden) | VLOG | Roots and Refuge

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  • reta strong 1 year ago

    I know your taking some time off. But I just missed you and have started watching old videos. Hope all is doing ok, and that God's peace and love surrounds you all. I'm sorry but I just heard you mention the back to eden garden. I just have to say the people I know that have tried it. It just didn't work.

  • Love your videos, and adore your garden, can you share how you water? I am slowly building some raised beds, and during our hot summer months, spending a couple of hours each day hand watering…thx

  • Karisa Bitner 1 year ago

    I have only recently started watching your channel, and I just keep coming back! Your information is so relevant to me, and your spirit is refreshing. You have indeed found a calling as a teacher.

  • Paul Surratt 1 year ago

    Why do you add a couple inches compost to your raised beds every year? Do you have to remove soil to add the compost? If you just add 2+ inches, where did it go over the previous year?

  • Midsouth Homestead 1 year ago

    I started doing raised beds because I didn't want to spend time of money on a tiller. So I slowly started building new spots every year. Now I want to do a high raised bed with it filled half way with old wood. Thanks for your video. Rhonda

  • Lisa Nowakow 1 year ago

    Have you ever tried potatoes in a bed? They can do well and are really pretty green plants.

  • Lisa Nowakow 1 year ago

    Do you ever plant underneath your trellised plants?

  • Williams Farm Journey 1 year ago

    Hey Jess, I recently found your channel and have become addicted you've inspired me to make my garden more enjoyable. I'm working on building raised beds now and make it a space my family can enjoy instead of just work work work. I do have a question for you! do you grow what potato verity's do you recommend?


    I started my first garden this year not knowing anything. Got few veggies and fruits out of it still learning. Happy that i found your channel. I want to do the same thing raised garden beds next year. I just moved to TN and TN ground has a lot of clay and hard to grow fruits and veggies in ground. I love gardening brings me joy and i get excited when i see them growing. Love your videos and you inspire me to move on and learn more. . might have questions too LOL.

  • big4metalbabe 1 year ago

    Thank you for this.

  • Pineconeofseb 1 year ago

    Your tattoo is cool!

  • drumsticks24 1 year ago

    I've always heard not to use top soil & to stick to potting mix w other added things, you always seem to have flawless growth tho but here is what I just found also

  • Gayle Lucas 1 year ago

    Raised beds are the only way to garden! I've used concrete blocks (double-height) for many, many years. It all started when I lived on the Oregon coast 15 years ago and I wanted something that would last through all that wet. Then when I moved to the high desert of California (talk about opposite climates!) I used the blocks again – I got used to not having to bend down or kneel and also not having to till – and I love it!

  • Jodi Billingsley 1 year ago

    How do you water your beds?

  • Lori Straughan 1 year ago

    Love your insights to "real gardening". Miss your garden devotions

  • Morgan Snyder 1 year ago

    I made my first ever homemade tomato sauce tonight, your channel has really inspired me to grow more food

  • Janette Lavender 1 year ago

    I started the Back To Eden method in 2016. I absolutely love it. Barely any weeding for us. Its been fantastic for holding moisture and building soil.

  • Rani Moore 1 year ago

    I enjoy watching your show so much I like to check in with you first thing in the morning it's my day started and I was just curious if you didn't mind what video software do you use to edit your phones for YouTube

  • Dreamylyn Moore 1 year ago

    Love your beautiful flowers in the garden I've got lots of flowers near the garden it seems to make everything happier and produce heaps more then when I've had none 🙂 and i love raised beds this year i had amazing tomato plants I'm about to start chopping apples and tossing under them so they can ripen before to much later most of mine are green. the apple chunks help and i should get a nice crop to can this year. thanks for sharing your garden with us 🙂

  • pamela leitman 1 year ago

    How do you keep out squirrels in raised bed gardens? I have a big problem with that.