WHY No Till Gardening Works Best it is Due to Living Roots all the time in the ground. Organic Vegetable gardening for beginners 101 starts here. If you have a perennial living work to keep the soil food web working all year round. My Garden Channel on you-tube will show you how with no till

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WHY No Till Gardening Works Best with living roots, Organic Vegetable gardening for beginners 101.

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  • Joan Denoo

    Your references to the research have outstanding illustrations. I like the writing of both authors.
    I have training in horticulture at Washington State University. The things I learned 60 years ago followed the teaching of Old Europe which are based on the shovel, fork, hoe, and the plow. We now know that tilling the soil, turning it with broad fork shovel harms living organisms necessary for plant growth. You backup your practices with field trials and lab research.
    The references you supplied have excellent material.
    ~ Elaine Ingham – http://www.soilfoodweb.com Plant Succession Ladder as a Function of Fungi:Bacterial Ratio (F:B)
    ~ David C. Johnson- NMSU Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Research (ISAR) davidcjohnson@nmsu.edu

    Experiment 1 Observations
    • N, P, K & Soil Organic Matter were not good predictors of plant growth.
    • Fungal:Bacterial Ratio was a good predictor of plant growth.

  • Jeff LaPorte

    Thank you for another great video. Time to pull out my microscope. Do you happen to know the process to extract a sample from the soil to view under a scope?

  • Svetla Nikolova

    Hello! If I put saw dust and wood chips on top of grass , will the grass die and feed the new bed I am trying to make? On top of that i want to put compost leaves and hey to rot a whole year. Will that work?

  • Kevin Kimmich

    I really enjoy your videos. excellent combination of science context and hands on demonstration. you're one of the best YouTube garden channels.

    in the context of your approach is there any such thing as a "weed" you would tank from the soil?

  • Mike Kincaid

    Awesome video! Very educational. I love the microscope work you did and learned a lot, had never seen nematodes before. I've been working on my first back to eden garden for the past 7 months or so and documenting the progress. Really excited for Spring so I can start planting. I've learned a lot from you channel and really appreciate the info you put out. Keep up the great work! Subscribed.

  • Denis Peirce

    Why are weeds not part of the living root system. At the start of the video you say the chips keep the weeds down. I have been adding chips to my raised beds each year and have no weeds. In another video you show laying down a 2X4, killing the grasses and planting where the 2X4 was on the ground. Should I grow vegetables in a weed bed?

  • Guy Canada

    Thank you for this wonderful video. I enjoy seeing garden soil at work. One question, when a worm eats organic matter and poops it out do the nematodes need to eat that as well for it to be plant available or is it instantly available?

  • nery colon 1

    That was amazing. Never seen an nematodes and to say more I didn't about. Will share in my FB group. Thanks for the info.

  • john rambo

    Interesting video. I have some pretty bad root knot nematodes in my back yard. Would these do anything for that?


    It's not buy one and get second free, it's buy one and get a dozen free. Not only the video itself is informative but the comments are very educational and full of resources.
    Recently I was watching a video where presenter said if one particular plant is not hit by bugs try making a tea or liquid feed of that plant and spray on effected plants to control some damage. I not only have learn a bit more about the additional role of nematodes on grubs and slugs but I also learn how to grow your own nematodes.

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