Why I'm Moving Beyond No Dig Vegetable Gardening

Before I got too far into this new growing season I wanted to make a video to outline the new direction I’m taking when it comes to growing food, and the reasons behind this. I have felt constricted by only adopting certain methods of growing, and after much research and learning and questioning I feel it is time to change direction and look at bringing in other schools of thought that make intuitive sense to my personal gardening goals. I hope you enjoy this video and I look forward to your comments.

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Why I'm Moving Beyond No Dig Vegetable Gardening

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  • Wendy Chadwick

    Fantastic video Huw. I loved that you say 'intuitive' gardening, because that's how I tend to grow. I've just started working on a very large No Dig Project for a client, and we are just starting our first year, whilst still building beds and developing the site at the same time, so I shall be watching ALL your videos from now on!! Thanks so much for all your advice!

  • Julia Fernandes

    I have been gardening for a number of years and like many gardeners and farmers,I did not understand soil health and soil life and what we have been doing wrong for so long, unti I had come across Dr Elaine Ingham(soil biologist)by accident. I can now understand what you say about the 'No Dig Gardening' and the symbiosis between plant and soil life. I can now appreciate what you do. Thank you for your amazing and informative videos.

  • Suella Postles

    Sounds intreresting Huw. Will you be doing different beds with the same crops but different methods? Or analysing the content of the foliar feeds? Whatever, no doubt you will be having fun. I reckon with each year's weather rather varied, gardening is pretty much an experiement. Some I lose some I win.

  • Fanfield Farm

    Hi Huw, just to say thank you for putting out this video. We have been feeling this way for a long time but sometimes, especially online, you can be made to feel guilty for not sticking to one method or another. But you are completely right in that you have to do what is right for you, your soil, and your environment and that is so important.

    We really appreciate you putting this video out and discussing these. And we adore your production values too. May we cheekily ask what mic pack you use? Or shall we join the patreon to find out, is there a gear video? Thanks again.

  • Cate Champion

    So awesome to see your taking up Korean Natural Farming practices. I came across it last year and love your channel because you have the same approach to alot of things. Good luck on your journey can't wait to see how it turns out

  • Valentin tin

    Love it! I explored Jadam & KNF just a few months ago and was very interested in it and now I hear, that you give it a try – super exciting for me! 🙂

  • Catherine C

    I don't see this as moving beyond no dig gardening but adding to it. I have been doing exactly what you are talking about for a couple of years now. Starting w making my own foliar sprays. Lots of different ways to do this. I have used Seaweed or kelp now for several years and made my own spray from forest soil on my own property last year. This is helping me get my new 4 foot tall raised beds up to the standard I want with my soil (filled the lower half with logs etc think Hugelkultur). To me, I see no dig as protecting the soil networks as much as possible but not excluding these other wonderful approaches to feeding the soil and plants.

  • gingerhebblethwaite

    Disappointing that this new direction seems to involve embracing nonsense like foliar feeding. This is like Charles Dowding suddenly banging on about biodynamics. Apart from the chap who runs Garden Myths, can anyone recommend any good active evidence-based YouTube gardeners? There are lots of great channels that I enjoy, but I'd really like to hear more from gardeners who have taken the time to really look into the underlying science/available evidence.

  • gsh

    make up your mind! You push people to make fermented plant juice with SUGAR, but here you claim you want to help nature etc. … obviously you didn´t think about where the sugar comes from. How about compost tea, you don´t need to buy commercially and industrially produced ingredients for that!

  • Lil Pipskweek

    Huw thanks for your vids. I have many birthdays behind me. I’ve triple double and single dug. I now use a no dig system that I too modify. I abandoned raised beds a long time ago (dry hot margins above ground and slug nurseries below)in favour of flat beds with wood chip paths. I love your ever expanding and experimental approach and ideas. Growing fruit veg and plants generally means never getting moribund and constant learning. Brilliant thanks