Added by on 2019-04-10 Go Here: Here’s a very powerful strategy to to grow a prosperous Juice Plus business using the internet without ever prospecting people you know or complete strangers or doing home meetings. (1.) Generate Juice Plus Leads. Make no mistake, you are going to run out of friends and family to approach about your Juice Plus business. Therefore do not merely rely on approaching friends and family. Here’s how to generate leads: Offer free instructional content in exchange for the prospect’s name and phone number. Write or record a training that helps network marketers solve a key business problem. Topics you might teach are how to sponsor more reps, how to retain people, mindset, etc. (2.) Get Your Prospects To Know, Like And Trust You People on the Internet only buy from those they feel they know, like and trust. Once you start to generate your own leads, do not just pitch them Juice Plus right away. Warm the Juice Plus leads you generate online. The easiest strategy to cultivate trust, before you ask for the sale, is to continue sending valuable training content to your leads. (3.) Sponsor And Sell To Your Leads Now that you’ve built a list, and invested the energy to warm your leads, promote and sell to your leads. Rely on expert presenters to pitch Juice Plus for you. Shortly after your prospects have seen the presentation, follow up and find out if they want to sign up in Juice Plus. Quite a few prospects will sign up for your Juice Plus opportunity or purchase Juice Plus products with zero objections because they trust you, not because they’ve watched a presentation or Juice Plus review. If you follow this 3-step formula consistently, you’re on your way to building a successful Juice Plus business. Go […]


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