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I constantly get asked about how I deal with slugs, especially because I am in a wetter part of the UK and there is plenty of grass around – even our garden paths are grass! So I thought I would make a quick video as a reference to my answer on how we deal with slugs here. If there is enough interest I will then make a very detailed video on all the steps needed in terms of looking after ducks, choosing the right breed, when to use them etc. Instagram: @huws_nursery Facebook: Produced in Partnership with Eifion Jones from: Seed sponsor: Tool sponsor: Main Camera: Second Camera: Laptop: Drone: Microphone: Second Microphone: Tripod: HuwsNursery is a channel which dedicates itself to teaching you how to grow an abundance of food at your home. Videos are uploaded every week and cover a vast range of subjects including; soil health, sowing, transplanting, weeding, organic tips, permaculture, pest control, harvesting and low maintenance growing to name a few. Subscribe here: Become a Patreon and help HuwsNursery GROW! With thanks to the support of my top tier patreons; William Shidal, Ben Porcher, Namaste Foundation, Valeria Letelier and Mike Moore Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Edibles for Every Fall Vegetable GardenEvery city needs healthy honey bees – Noah Wilson-Richbaby ducks first swim plus home aquaphonicsEvery Home Garden Should Have this Fruit Tree3 Great Vegetable Gardening Books – Homestead Library Collaboration10 Ways to Boost Yields in Your Vegetable Garden

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  • Paul Mahase 4 months ago

    very cool gardening ideas . come visit my garden here in Florida

  • Masca Trails 4 months ago

    My ducks are about 2 weeks old now. Can't wait to unleash them in the garden

  • Man of the North 4 months ago

    the ducks dont fly away?

  • Blue Lilly 4 months ago

    Good info

  • Cynthia Fisher 4 months ago

    There are some benefits to living in a desert, I guess! The UK is beautiful, but I don’t have many slugs.

  • Melvina Roundy 4 months ago

    Do they eat your Garden? You also have to watch where you step

  • lostmangos 4 months ago

    Beautiful gardens Hugh, lucky ducks

  • Liz Zorab - Byther Farm 4 months ago

    I completely agree with you Huw, ducks are by far the best slug and snail control that we've found. The khaki Campbells look great fun!

  • Steve Porter 4 months ago

    Anyone thinking of getting ducks, but worried about the noise, I'd highly recommend Muscovies. They don't quack like other breeds and there's the added advantage that they're good at keeping mosquitoes down too.

  • Simao Garcia 4 months ago

    Great strategy. I'm waiting for ducks from my neighbour, spring he said. Lots of slugs and snails here in the Azores, Portugal. Concerned about losing plants to ducks but I'll keep an eye on them. Great video. Adeus

  • Bob C 4 months ago

    Huw, when you butcher the ducks and prepare them for a meal, what does the meat taste like??? I enjoy escargots, but I hesitate to think of eating shell-less terrestrial gastropod molluscs.

  • Matilda Flodin 4 months ago

    Beautiful ducks! I didn't quite catch what kind of ducks you have. My parents used to have "svensk myskanka" and they are not very good looking with their red, naked faces (sorry duckies).

  • La Horteta de Bussy 4 months ago

    Thanks men, live ist beautifoul

  • Transylvanian Farmer 4 months ago

    Just got some Muskovy ducks, planning on working them in the garden and the orchard . hopefully will build a small pond in between the Orchard and The Garden and have their pen close to it.

  • Robert Crain 4 months ago

    Years ago I had a few mallard ducks in my garden for eggs. once in a while I would let them out into the general garden and occasional morning I would herd them down the street to our church to eat the slugs. They did a great job in reducing the slug population in the area.

  • TERRY. W 4 months ago

    I live near a canal and we invite the ducks into our garden ….they do their work very well.

  • debra c 4 months ago

    great vid. I have 4 pekin ducks, not broody so they lay an egg and walk away. Never had a slug problem. Its escargot for them. My Golden retriever follows them around picks up the eggs and brings them home never a tooth mark in them. He's a good dog.

  • The Fermenter 4 months ago

    I have a back to eden garden, so there is not much grass. Mostly wood chips and yard waste. I have been finding slugs, however. Are ducks an option in that scenario?

  • City Homestead 4 months ago

    3 ducks…no slugs, and no other plants survived. The ducks ate EVERYTHING!!!