Why choose landscape architecture

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  • J L

    Our thinking is quite different. Not everyone has a job or a family. Sometimes we stop and think about life. Landscape can nurture and build a person since he/she is a teenager. Landscape protect ppl’s safety, health, nurture and hue them. Anyway this is what I believe.

  • Richard Drum

    Interesting take on students getting to the field of landscape architecture. Having practiced in this field since 1973, I can say that the opportunities to create new landscapes that enrich people's lives and to restore damaged landscapes that are given new life to provide ecosystem services to regions and communities is a very worthwhile pathway in life. It is a very rewarding profession on so many levels and working with other professionals in the engineering, architecture, ecosystem, archeological and social sciences is an exhilarating feeling. I'm retired now but still maintain my state license and work on small residential projects for single clients. BTW, for all of you new students to the field of landscape architecture, learn to sketch freehand before you learn CADD systems. Your ability to lead the design team with a simple pencil or marker will be a priceless skill later. Good luck.

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