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Sources: cnn – eco meat free monday – hybrid vs suv, and the lab meat Would you eat Frankenmeat? Lab grown meat contest from PETA Asexual_Propagation_a_k_a_Cloning The_AeroGarden_on_Good_Things_Utah AeroGarden on ABC 7 News in Denver High_Density_Vertical_Growth__HDVG__System Univate_presents_The_Vertical_Garden Cacoon_Vertical_Hydroponics_Aeroponics_Grow_System_Living_Wall Helix_Wind_Turbine_Windgeneratoren Truly_Amazing_Advanced_Solar_Cell_from_Israel Applicable in providing abundant world food supply. These can make almost large percentages of the population to become a self sufficient society or in a community eco-existence coop whether in rural or urban situations. In vitro meat is the known formal name to cell meat (for those skeptics its called labflesh or Frankenstein meat). Its basically using the culturing of yogurt principle where muscle cells grown in vats with protein, cretin, amoebas and etch of organism found in all biological to get the cells to grow into large portions of meat under incubation or environment. The process develops perfusion system for blood supply to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the growing cells, as well as remove the waste products methods. In addition, other cell types, such as required fat cells need to be grown, along chemical messengers to give instructions to the growing tissue about the meat structure. Lastly, muscle tissue needs to be physically stretched or “exercised” to properly develop. There would be more advantages to these rather than disadvantages such as very economise farming compare to live cattle, poultry and fishery with labour, equipment, housing, feeds, veterinary and etch; the control of growths not being under nature but in controlled environment that diminishes the diseases (and as can be observed openly) not to mention waste products such as methane and nitrate; can easily be enhance with supplement vitamins or minerals; far cleaner and leaner compare to cattle vulnerabilities; high turnover – for example can easily grow within weeks 50 kilogram of meat which takes months to years […]

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  • Rob Vallozzi 1 year ago

    my god you people are idiots.. the footage showed of meat was stock footage of the meat paties your currently eating not of the "lab grown" meat. your all talking about how your not sold on it cause the way it looks.. idiots.. thats what your eating already!

  • CrowsNest2012 1 year ago

    The "burgers" looked like liver. Well, my very first reaction was that they looked like poo patties. I'm not seeing people being sold on those. Maybe the chicken since it could be diced or coated, as long as the taste is the same, but the look of the beef was utterly disgusting.

    The big selling point for me would be the cleanliness and lack of antibiotics etc. If everyone knew how gross large scale commercial meat growing/processing was you would never buy meat from a grocer again.

  • Pink Program 1 year ago

    @MyWillyboi well they can culture cells from there to make steaks… but would you want them taking the culture sample (snip) ^_^

  • Pink Program 1 year ago

    @marxistmanglermango humans are omnivores. You get sick without at least a little meat to supplement your diets. My Host has trouble digesting plants so we are mostly carnivorous by necessity ^_^ Strict vegans suffer heart disease from malnutrition. Ovo Lacto vegans are a little better but meat is the easiest way to get proper nutrition. Aquaculture requires the growth of fish, which are a good source of essential fatty acids and vitamins ;3

  • MyWillyboi 1 year ago

    I got some meat! I'll feed all the ladies of the world

  • Pink Program 1 year ago

    @marxistmanglermango that won't work.

  • Pink Program 1 year ago

    @frijebai nothing horrible about it. Starving to death is preferable?

  • frijebai 1 year ago

    This vitro meat reminds me of Resident Evil. Horror reality.

  • rabisrabis 1 year ago

    eat it yourself sick

  • Soccerstud 1 year ago

    Fuck u

  • OttoMaddock 1 year ago

    On no! I think there is a real danger of vegans being knocked off their righteous high horses by this technology.

  • aussiETau 1 year ago

    @nhralph 'Soylent Green' was about food shortages and was using human eugenics to make up for the food supply. This is more of total opposite of that film – making more abundant, quality and cheaper food supply using bio-genics technology base on natural and organic vegetation as its compositions.

  • Ralph Gregorio 1 year ago

    Sort of reminds me of that old movie, "Soylent Green"!

  • Pink Program 1 year ago

    @marcluc1988 what I am "going on about" is relevant to the video and humanity in general. A single vegan is irrelevant to coming up with sustainable and humane ways to feed non-vegans. Human brains have actually been getting smaller for the last 10,000 years, mostly because they are getting more efficient. Without protein and fatty acid intake it won't take very long for mental development to suffer ^_^

  • Pink Program 1 year ago

    @marcluc1988 oh please, a few generations can get entirely new breeds of dogs. Humans aren't special. As to the chimps, is it ritual killing when they eat termites? Last time I checked termites are made of protein. The eating of other primates is an alpha ritual. The alpha male eats the most meat from the hunt. As to livestock farming, all farming is damaging to the earth's carbon cycle. Meat grown in a bioreactor is not. It only takes one or two seed animals to stock a bioreactor.

  • Pink Program 1 year ago

    @marcluc1988 moreso than you apparently. You monkeys need a lot of protein to maintain proper brain growth. Even chimps occassionally supplement their diets with meat. You probably think vegan cat food is a good idea then even though cats are exclusively carnivorous…
    If there is a sustainable humane way of obtaining meat then why do you have a problem? Its just like tearing off and eating the reproductive organs of plants…

  • Pink Program 1 year ago

    @marcluc1988 that would be detrimental to mental evolution. If you humans stop eating meat then after a few generations your brains will suffer…

  • magprob 1 year ago

    I have some meat for you.

  • MegaSkya 1 year ago

    kinder to animals.

  • shishoka 1 year ago


    The whaling is more about Japan telling other countries they are still sovereign and will decide what is best for them. I actually dislike the current whaling systems as there are small villages that actually depend on whaling to survive that are struggling to exist because of the current bureaucracy involved.