In Punjab and Haryana, farmers have been protesting for weeks now against the new ordinances bought about by the Modi govt. But why is it happening? In this video, I interview food and agriculture expert Devinder Sharma to find out why Indian farmers are disappointed with the ordinances. I also explain the agriculture process in India since independence which includes the APMC. Agriculture Produce Market Committees also known as Mandis.

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0:00 Introduction
1:59 Indian Agriculture System
3:28 What is APMC?
5:20 Problems with APMC
6:10 Modi Govt Ordinances
12:35 Solutions

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Why are Farmers Protesting? | Ordinances Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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  • amit kulkarni

    Thanks for sharing the details. In the solution, you mentioned as Govt has assured getting MSP.

    we are border districts ok karanrata due to mandi system. we cant sell our group to another state where the price is much higher.
    another problem is if all farmers start growing only one crop that has the highest MSP then when will happen to FCI. because most mos the farmer is going single corp then water consumption is more.

    Most of the mandi under control of local politician we are getting a better price.:( I feel current laws new law is better than existing law

  • Naitik Pokharana 7‘E’

    Agar agriculture me nuksaan hai to kisan ko apane bachcho ko educate karana chahiye aur modernise tarike kisani karani chahiye

  • Aarohi Kadam

    I don't understand itne sensitive video ko koi dislike kaise kar sakta hai yaar !! Shayad koi log bhul chuke hai ki bharat ek krishipradhan desh hai.. we have to support our farmers !!

  • Vishal Bharteeya

    पूर्ण पूँजीवाद को बढ़ाबा देने का कानून है। समाजवाद तो क्षीण होता दिख रहा है। हे ईश्वर रक्षा कर भारतीयों की इन भ्रष्ट नेताओं से

  • Vishal Bharteeya

    नीजि कंपनी खत्म कर देगी किसानों को। ये कानून बिहार में पहले से लागू हैं तो देख लो बिहार के किसानों की तरक्की।

  • tarun gathwal

    एक आध वीडियो अब भी बना ले, अब तो सभी को भुगतना हो रहा है, या अब किसान नही दिख रहे। क्यो भाई किसान प्रेमी

  • Bhupi Panwar

    Dhruv beta kaise ho ……..ab aaya samajh mein farm law ya abhi bhi doubt hai. Agar abhi bhi 7 months baad bhi doubt nehin gaya toh you tube par search karo DRISTI IAS AGRICULTURE FARM LAW.

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