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According to a study by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California and the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, having … Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsGreen Roofs Benefit People, EnvironmentReal Matters | Episode 2: Benefits and Advantages of Green Roofs in PhiladelphiaThe Most Green Roofs in the WorldGreen Roofs for SustainabilityStormwater management – Using green roofs to reduce urban runoff in IcelandGreen Roofs: Are They Right for Your Home?

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  • GeoBeats News 5 years ago

    What color is your roof??

  • Nathan Griswold 5 years ago

    This study is puts to much weight on the cost of green roofs. This is not
    the only factor to consider when deciding which is “better” for the
    environment. I have helped to sell over 1,000 green roofs through out North
    America and consider myself an expert in the field. Without diving into the
    deep details I question how a white roof will provide the reflective
    qualities it does on day one 5 years down the line. Will the owners wash
    they rooftops? Each day that passes makes white roofs less effective and I
    would be happy to share information to supports this case. ?

  • ecourbanidea 5 years ago
  • Oscar Barrera 5 years ago
  • herizomandark 5 years ago