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WonderGrove goes beyond academics to support areas of education that other programs don’t. Areas like • School Readiness • Life and Social Skills • Health and Nutrition • Safety • Fitness • Creative Play • and above all fun! Join the WonderGrove kids as they teach and learn in new story-driven lessons every month! ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ Video Rating: / 5 In this experiment, discover what plants need to live and grow. Do plants need soil, sun, air, and water? Using soil, cotton balls, several jars or glasses and some seeds for an at-home experiment, you will find out. The results are surprising! Learn about the basic needs of plants, including air, water, nutrients, and light. And learn how plants make their own energy through photosynthesis. To watch this video in Spanish, check out: ¿Qué necesitan las plantas para crecer? North Carolina Science Standards: 1.L.2.1 Summarize the basic needs of a variety of different plants (including air, water, nutrients, and light) for energy and growth. 1.L.1.1 Recognize that plants and animals need air, water, light (plants only), space, food and shelter and that these may be found in their environment. 3.L.2.2 Explain how environmental conditions determine how well plants survive and grow. 4.L.1.1 Give examples of changes in an organism’s environment that are beneficial to it and some that are harmful. 6.L.2.1 Summarize how energy derived from the sun is used by plants to produce sugars (photosynthesis) and is transferred within food chains and food webs (terrestrial and aquatic) from producers to consumers to decomposers. 6.L.2.3 Summarize how the abiotic factors (such as temperature, water, sunlight, and soil quality) of biomes (freshwater, marine, forest, grasslands, desert, Tundra) affect the ability of organisms to grow, survive and/or create their own 8.L.3.1 Explain how factors such as […]

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