Butternut squash can be tricky to harvest. Here’s three things to look for that will tell you if your butternut squash is ready to pick.

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When to Harvest Butternut Squash

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  • Rachael Gonzalez

    Here’s my own butternut squash soup recipe- cut into chunks 1 squash, 1 apple, 1 onion. 1 cup water, 1 carton vegetable or chicken broth 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp cinnamon Add everything to slow cooker and cook for a few hours. Then Purée and serve or (optional) mix in 1/4 cup heavy cream and serve

  • Rachael Gonzalez

    Thank you for posting this video- even though it was a while ago! This is my first time growing squash and I had no idea when to harvest it- and now I do!!!

  • itsno1duh

    Simple tips for harvesting my butternut squash! Thx! here is another way to use it! I freeze portions of diced cooked about a cup and sometimes I make a dark berry sorbet that is a wholefood surprise! A cup of frozen squash and a cup or more of mixed dark berries add the sweetener of your choice and I actually add 1/4 tsp mineral rich salt and some stevia (with care!). Then quickly blend with a STRONG blender but not over-mixing. Sometimes I add a bit of OJ to move things along and a bit of coconut cream to add variety! Always at least a pinch of salt to enhance sweetness.

  • Liz S

    Hi from Canada. Thank you for for sharing your knowledge. Question. I am growing squash for the first time and have in the last week had four that had grown to four to five inches that have rotted on the vine. They were fertilized but for some reason have started to die off. Any idea what I'm missing? Not enough calcium ? I'm so sad to see these babies die off. Please help

  • Janet Pellizze

    We have been lucky to have our butternut squash volunteer from our compost pile. Obviously, we compost our seeds and we are now in our second year of volunteer butternut squash. Once we see the plant starts – we generally just compost in another area of the pile. Yes, our store, even here in Florida for quite some time! Yay! One of our favorite ways to fix it is to cube it and either put it on the grill or roast it in the oven – I just toss it in some olive oil, add some rock salt, and then sprinkle with rosemary. Then we like to let it get just a little crisp. We also like to make butternut squash tacos. I saute the butternut squash with garlic and onions. Then I put them in softshell flour tortillas and add cheese, tomatoes, sour cream – whatever you usually like in your tacos. These are delicious.

    To prepare the squash – I generally use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin and then cut the squash. I find this makes it easier for me.

  • naman singhal

    Hello! That's really informative and does answer all my doubts related to the right time to harvest a butternut squash.

    If I may ask how many squash do you manage to get from one creeper on an average??

    Mine are in a pot which may explain the small size of the squash that I am growing while I manage to get only one healthy squash from one plant. Is that normal??

  • Betty Adkisson

    Yes I've grown it for 2 years now. But last year something took the smaller fruits so I gotten only one last year but this year I will hopefully get 7 I've harvested 4& 3 more on the vines. Had 11 but 4 disappeared.

  • Laura Frey

    My BNS is almost ready to harvest! Thanks for helping me understand the harvest readiness better. I too have a few in various stages. Can't wait to make butternut squash soup! Yum!

  • Jennifer Griffith

    Thank you for the very informative video! This is my first time going butternut squash, the variety is a hybrid that was developed here in the South called South Anna, and the skin is supposed to be a little less tough than most varieties. I have just picked my first three squash, the stem is nowhere near brown or shriveled but the squash themselves are solid tan, and they pass the thumbnail test, so I've gone ahead and picked them. I might pick some others after testing them, but they certainly are very productive and I am probably going to be picking squash well into October! One thing I did not anticipate is how hard it is to cut the stem. I had to bring the lopper out to cut it; pruning shears would not do the trick. I'm not really sure if I'm supposed to leave the stem on it after picking, could you please elaborate on that?

  • John Gordon

    Almost the end of the growing season here in Sydney. Have a great crop of large butternuts this year – over 30 from only 3 plants and still flowering and setting pumpkins which is great.

  • Narrow Gate

    Darn, wish I watched this video before I picked mine! It has been on there sooo long so I got nervous and picked it. Such a bummer to hear you say it won't ripened once picked, because per you video my squash it's ready at all. Thanks for the future info!
    BTW: my plant was all but demolished buy bugs this year. All the butternut squash I planted in my raised bed were wiped out. One plant that grow randomly outta my compost pile survived. Those dreadful bugs!I tried DE & nothing. I will not use toxins on my plants and DE is all I have tried.