Added by on 2017-01-19 It is time to replace your roof when the shingles start buckling, the flashing is deteriorated and the ridge caps are cracking. Identify an aged roof in need of repair or replacement with help from a professional roofer in this video on home repair and maintenance. Expert: Mario Tudela Bio: Modern Roofing, Inc. specializes in asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, slate, wood roofs, fabricated shakes and slates or commercial rolled roofing products. Related PostsHow to know when is it time to get a new roofInstalling a New Roof – Time Lapse with Nikon D5200Roof Repair Westport CT – Emergency Roofing Repair Contractors in WestportFinsbury Podium Construction Time Lapse | Sky Garden Green RoofFinsbury Podium Construction Time Lapse Angle 2 | Sky Garden Green RoofXeroflor Time Lapse of XF301 Green Roof install June 3-5, 2013


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  • Samoh Kul 1 year ago

    My roof wasn't leaking, but the roof is 17 years old and I can barely see some curling going on.  Some nails were coming out.  I figured it was time. So I did it. This time I upgraded the shingles with Architecture. Hopefully this will last at least 25-30 years. They did improve the roof–they put a nice large ventilation thing on the top.  I know before the attic would get extremely hot and without a doubt that shortens the life of the roof shingles. yes I hired a professional roofing company.

  • Dennis “DDietr” Dietrich 1 year ago

    Plywood sheathing buckling.
    Had moisture in attic via bathroom vent. I think it affected panels and now there is no room for expansion. Sheets are buckling.

    Any repair ideas? Can I have a roofer friend install some type of bracing from inside?